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Pacific lights in summertime with Artistry! + Giveaway!

Hello!  One of the collections to land in my mail box was the Artistry Pacific Lights. I have received two lovely products and will talk about them a bit and  also don't skip the blog post as there will be a little something for you as well! ;) Now let's dive into the pacific! ;)

Until recently this was an unknown brand to me in the sense, that I have not tried anything from them. I have tried only one product so far in the last couple of months and it's their Exact Fit longwearing foundation. I still have  abit of the foundation left and I still use it. However I was excited to see the promo photos of the lovely Pacific Lights collection and so happy when I got to try out some of these goodies as well!

When I received this palette I wasn't quite sure what was in the boxes as I didn't read the labels, I just started opening them up! I first opened the packaging of the palette and I was like - hmm, this is not good, they sent me an empty palette... Silly me, the palette was in another box, packaged separately and all I needed to do was click the together. Super easy to do and also to remove. If you for example have only one holder, you can just snap one out and add another one of the same size inside. The packaging is a combo of black and gold. Looks super luxurios and also feels that way. It's plastic, but still quite sturdy and light at the same time. You also get a puch to go with it to protect the shiny golden case from scratches. I find this very interesting and at the same time a bit odd, as I like to see my palette. Not like see the shades, but just see it in the ocean of other beauty products. As this is the only quad I have that comes with a pouch I think I will be able to find it pretty fast :P The golden case on top is super shiny and shows every fingerprint you leave, which is a bit annoying. On the inside you also get a mirror, which is always appreciated and useful!  The palette also includes a double sided sponge applicator, which I have not used yet and will only if I will be traveling and will forget my brushes.

Also love the embossed A letter on top of the case as well as on top of the pouch. Gives that extra feel of luxury and it might sound silly, but I like such tiny details. 

The palette includes four eyeshadows in summer shades. It may seem a bit too bright to many of you, especially if you are not used to the brighter shades. The top shade is a very light champagne shade with a bit of golden shimmer and the overall golden shimmer to it. It may seem a bit more yellow in the pan, but comes out more pale. Perfect for all over the eyelids or for the inner corners. The second shade is a bright green-ish blue-ish shade. It's like a mermaid shade, with a shine to it and no visible glitter. The third shade is a more pink shade in the pan, but looks more cyclamen shade when swatched. Also has a shine to it, but doesn't include glitter. The last shade is the most interesting to me and my favourite by far. It first looked to me like a grey-ish green to me, than it looked like a grey-brown combo. It's actually more of a all together chrome shade, that can reflect a bit differently, depends on the angle you are watching it. When swatched on my finger it looks deep brown, then when I rub my finger on my hand it looks like brown base with silver-green shine to it. Love this shade so much!

The texture of the bottom three shade is very smooth, no fall out, no dusting. They are smooth and feel creamy. Can be applied with fingers, brush or wet brush. The lighter shade can be a bit dusty, as the texture of it is a bit different. The pigmentation is good, but not that outstanding. As the finish of these eyeshadows is very shiny - satin or chromatic I think these don't need any better pigmentation. They can be layered up if you want a really bold shade, but they can be also applied very lightly and still look good! Lsting power of these impressed me as well, especially the bottom three shades. Lasted all day on me, of couse used the primer under it but still, to last 10 hours plus is quite an accomplishment. Personally, I like these shades, I can create fun summer looks with it thanks to the shiny finish and they ae fun to play with. My favourite combos are the light champagne golden shade with the darkest shade, especially for work. The brighter two shades mix well with the other two as well and I usually use a trio including the first and last shade plus one of the brighter shades. My camera made the shades look quite matte on the swatches, in real life they are more shiny.

The palette is available at Amway Slovenija site here and the price is 46,17 euros and the packaging box here for 19,76 euros.

The packaging of the gloss is more usual  to me as with the eyeshadow quad. The gloss comes in a black box and over it is also a transparent plastic, ensuring it was really closed and didn't get scratched. The surface is silvery and again shows every fingerprint. The bottom is transparent, enabling you to see the shade instantly. On the side you also get a mirror. It contains 6 grams of product. What's different with this gloss is that when you open it up it includes  two tiny light bulbs which come in handy when you try to apply or reapply at night or in darker clubs/restaurants. The lights are quite strong so they do actually help, they aren't just added simply for the fun of it. The packaging is plastic, but sturdy and doesn't break fast, this has been tested a couple of times since I got it! :P

The shade I have tried is 01 Cherry. It's a vibrant red shade with cold undertone and includes tiny golden glitter parts that aren't too visible when on the lips. The gloss doesn't have any significant scent to it, which you guys will probably like as it means even those sensitive to different scents can use and wear this. 

The texture is semi-thick, glides on easily and stays put. I like it's not too liquidy and that usually one coat covers my lips just fine. The coverage is medium, but as this is a gloss I must say it suits me. The other shades in the range also have medium or light to medium coverage, usually they are more on the sheer side. I find this has a bit of a minty- tingly feel right after application, just barely there tingly sensation that doesn't last very long at all. I like that this doesn't dry up my lips, but feels hydrating to some extent. I still need a bit of a regular lip balm under it.The lasting power, without eating or drinking, is up to three hours, otherwise it transfers and you need to reapply. The side mirror and light really help with that! I like this shade as it's  got just the right shine and pigmentation to compliment many of my day to day makeup looks and it's not sticky, not too strong and too "in your face"... Just a lovely everday product to use during summer.

The lip gloss is available at Amway Slovenija here and the price is 24,49 euros. There are five shades available in total. ;)


So now, for all of you who read the post and love lip glosses, I have a little surprise giveaway for you! I will be giving away one Light Up lip gloss in shade Pink Grapefruit

The giveaway is valid from 7.07.2016 to 14.07.2016!

How to participate? - Say hi in the comment section and let me know what's your favourite summer lip shade to wear! You can include products you have tried and love and also those you would love to try out! Include your email adress as well, so I can contact you if you win! The answers on my Facebook page will be valid as well!

The giveaway is open to Slovenia based readers!

P.S. The winner will be contacted via mail or on Facebook, plus posted here at the end of this post!

P.s. THE WINNER is Eva (!

Hope this post was helpful to you! Have you tried any of the Artistry eyeshadows or lip glosses? Do you have any recommendations?

Don't forget to comment to participate!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products have been sent to me for review and giveaway purpose!


  1. Hi! In the summer I usually prefer coral lip shades since they go well with my summer wardrobe. I don't have a favourite brand and I am always eager to try out new things. My email address:

    1. Hey there! Thanks for your answer and participating! Coral shade seems to be a shade limited to summer and fashion shows :P

  2. Ta Artistry kolekcija mi je pa res zelo všeč. :) Drugače pa poleti najraje nosim od Laure Mercier Lip Glace v odtenku Bonbon in pa GR Ultra Rich Color šminko v odtenku 44. Nasploh so mi všeč koralni in nude-rose odtenki :) Email:

    1. Super, hvala za odg, bom pogooglala izdelke, da vidim, če gre kaj na wishlisto ;)

  3. Roza šminke so mi najljubše ;)

  4. Hi!
    Roza in nude odtenki ��
    Lep vikend

  5. Hi! Fuksija (pink) :)

  6. Meni so poleti najbolj vsec lip glosi da se malo sveti in pa rahli roza odtenki:)

  7. V poletnih mesecih uporabljam koralne, roza..bolj živahne barve :) v večernih urah pa se opogumim tudi s kakšno temno rdečo ali vijolično.

  8. Poleti in pozimi vedno imam najrajše nude odtenke.

  9. Hi! Nežni roza ali nude odtenki so mi super za poleti!


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