Monday, July 4, 2016

NEW IN June!

Hello! Welcome and also welcome back to my blog! Time to talk about my monthly new in products. There have been quite a bunch of them, I did not plan on this, I swear! Everything is in the summer mood, the scents, colours, textures... so let's get started!

Avon has been spoiling me for a while now and in June they sent me this lovely package with four perfect summer products! I have received AVON Senses Energising Joyful Tropics Papaya&Peach moisturizing shower creme*, which I have not tested yet, but it smells very juicy! Next item is  SUN+ Moisturizing face cream suitable for sensitive skin*, which I have already started testing and I like it so far! Offers sun block protection, very light texture, sinks into my skin well and fast. To refresh I have received  Naturals Skin care hydrating Aloe & Cotton face spritz*, which is also very good! Love the scent and the fresh feeling it gives to my face. One of my favourites so far! And of course, something for perfect summer lips - Ultra Colour lip crayon in shade Notice me nude*. I love the light shade and the feel of this on ym lips, very easy to use and apply, goes well with almost any makeup!

One of the biggest surprises of the month were the goodies I have received from KOZMETIKA AFRODITA*. Last year all the rave and attention has been on the  100% Bronze skin Fast tanning jam* and this year I get to try it along with the latest release -  Fast tanning jam dry oil*. Will post about these at length once I test them out! They also included a product to help me fight my cellulite - KOZMETIKA AFRODITA COCKTAIL 4D body lotion*. It gives a tingling sensation to my skin and I must say I like it, but my boyfriend not so much as it really gets into the skin and he says his hands always tingle when he massages me with this!

The second part is also very useful - KOZMETIKA AFRODITA sent me SOS Tropical Spray Citronella & Eucalyptus against mosquitoes and other insects and SOS Calming gel Aloe vera & Lavander soothes skin in cases of sunburn and insect bites*. So I am now fully equiped to fight those little monsters. I love the fresh scent of the anti mosquitos spray and that it doesn grease up my skin. The SOS calmnig gel also proved to be useful as it really helped me calm down a reaction after a mosquito bite and feels very cooling but not greasy or sticky. The last product is Suncare Sensitive sun face cream with spf 30*. So after I stop testing the Avon one I will move forward to this one. I must admit that for face I prefer to use spf 50, but at the moment I haven't gone summer shopping yet, so I have not purchased any spf 50 creams and these will have to do. I have also forgotten one product - the Shave & Shower new gel*. I completely forgot to add it in the photos. I must say I liked it so far and I would recommend it those of you who like two in one products!

A bunch of products I wanted to buy because I needed them or just was curious about them. Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes is a repurchase, probably a sixth or seventh in a row. It's my staple product I am not living without anymore and never leave anywhere without it, like holidays, camps and such! The other two products were just treats I have wanted to try! The Balea Dusch Peeling Orange & Minze  tempted me with a promise of mint in the mix and  BIOBAZA Natural deo Purple Freshness lavander & bergamot with a promise of fresh deodorant that works and has natural ingredients. Some fellow bloggers told me that our beloved Borotalco isn't that innoccent when it comes to ingredients, so I wanted to try somethign new while I use up my Borotalco stash. I just can't help it, I love Borotalco deodorants because they are effective and nothing else worked on me so well ever before!

Veet Supreme Essence depilatory cream is one of my favourites for getting rid of unwanted hair on my legs and also on my bikini area. Simple use under shower, short time and effective. I have repurchased this over the last ten years so many times there is no way I can say what's the count... Love this! From Borotalco Slovenija I was sent this latest addition to the Borotalco family - Borotalco Intensive Anti-perspirant hypersweating*. I think this will be another win for me! I tested this while out running and it passed the first impression. Love it so far! There will be a full post about this one!

There's a new subscribtion beauty box available in Slovenia that also ships worldwide - I have received a box to try out. It's called ZYMZO Box*  and I have Woman Box  with three different scents Love, Story and Now EdP*. It's the first time I have ever heard about a subscribtion box that sends you perfumes each month and you can try them out without piling huge bottles of perfume that you might not use up or dislike the scent. There will be full post about these, I must say I like the scent Story a lot, I always get compliments when I wear this one!

A fellow blogger Tamara from Cherry Colors had a giveaway going on and I won! I will be testing out the latest newcomers to the Lidl CIEN cosmetic range. I have received  Aqua Rich Gentle Facial Wash gentle cleansing for clearer and fresher skin and four face masks - CIEN Anti-wrinkle mask with grape seed oil and hyaluronic acid, Aqua mask with aloe vera and jojoba oil, Pure cleansing mask with zinc and white clay, Vital anti-age mask with Phyto Age and pomegranate seed oil. I will do my best to post about these as a lot of people showed so much interest in the new CIEN products!

I finally got rid of the Flawless Matte palette, which was gorgeous and had lovely shades but I just didn't use it enough to justify it being in my collection, and I already succumbed to the allure of the latest Flawless Matte 2. Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte 2 eyeshadow palette offers all matte shades that in this version come in more neutral, grey-ish, violet-ish shades. The one that really stand out and made me want to buy this palette are the amazing reds! The shades on the photo are a bit off as I was forced to photograph this in shade in the afternoon, as there is just too much sun lately and I have nowhere else to photograph. There will be a full blog post about this one and my thoughts about specific shades.

At the beginning of the month I went to a festival to Czech Republic. There I couldn't stay away from the drugstores, I peeked into Rossman and Douglas. I got myself some Rimmel products - a repurchase Rimmel Stay Matte Long lasting pressed powder  001 Transparent. One of my all time favourite powders. It is available also in Slovenia but I didn't want to risk it being sold out or not having the shade I wanted, so I picked up this pressed powder and also a new product, that we don't have in Slovenia, at least I have not spotted it on our stands - Rimmel  BB Cream Matte 9 -in -1 Skin perfecting super makeup in shade Light. I also checked out the Astor stand and was barely able to get away with just one lip product as I was tempted to buy so many more - I got ASTOR Soft Sensation lipcolor butter matte in shade 027 Elegant Nude. I love the shade, the finish, the texture and pigmentation. Easily became one of my favourite products! Last is a first for me, I have never tried anything from Inglot before. I decided to try out INGLOT Freedom System Eye shadow  shade 112, though they tempted me with so many more. I opted for more neutral beige-brown combo I can use daily and is so small it takes little space in my storage and when on the go. The texture and pigmentation of these is amazing, I am hooked!

It wouldn't be my monthly haul video without Oriflame products! This month I have received some and I have also bought some. They sent me this aquatic trio for creating perfect summer looks! I have already tested Oriflame The ONE Colour Unlimited Eye shadow stick in shade Aqua Crush*. I love the blue-ish green-ish shade of the eyeshadows, bledns well, can be layered up and mixed with other cream eyeshadows. Glides on well and looks amazing in combo with bronze, golden and browny shades. I have also received two nail polishes - Oriflame The ONE Long wear nail polish in shades Blue Azur and Mistic Aqua*. I haven't tried these ones yet, but I have two or three already at home and I love them, they last really well on me and I hope these two are just as good.

Two more products by Oriflame I just couldn't resist buying. I got Oriflame Giordani Gold Tinted Glow Moisturizer SPF 20 and  Oriflame The ONE Lip Sensation Matte Mousse in shade Soft Mulberry. The Tinted glow really interested me as I am into glittery, shiny products lately and really wanted to see how these will work on me. I love the subtle shine this gives and I usually mix it with my foundation. Really enhances that glow, probably would look really well also on darker skin tones or tanned skin. It has golden shine to it. The matte mousse lippie has quickly shifted into one of my favourites, love the shade, the mousse texture and the feelng of this on my lips. Also have another shade Rouge Suede and these really are good. Full review already on my blog here

Artistry kindly sent me two products to try out from their latest summer collection - Pacific Lights! I have received Artistry Light Up lip gloss in shade 1 Cherry* and Artistry Signature Color Eye shadow quad in Sunrise*! I must say I love both products, they are very summery and feel perfect for the season! I thought I am gonna love the lip gloss more, but I was actually amazed by the eyeshadows! They are super smooth, silky, pigmented, you don't need to apply much to get full coverage. They blend well and also last well on my lids. The gloss gives me a bit of a tingly sensation, the shade is lighter than I would imagine with a name like Cherry. A big bonus are also added lights into the gloss, making it super easy to apply it on the go or at night when out and about. Full review coming to my blog very soon as well as a giveaway so stay tuned!

A bunch of products I have treated myself with in the past month. I bought two new nail polishes from the latest updated Maybelline Color Show 60 seconds range. I got two of them in shades 20 Blush Berry and 301 Love This Sweater. Have not had the time to test them out yet as I was wearing another nail polish a lot in the past week or two and been loving it! About that one a bit later. I was ona hunt for something super affordable and also very good to use on my brows. A no fuss product that doesn't take me long to apply and also can be transported with me at all times, if need be. I opted for Essence Make me brow eyebrow gel mascara in shade 02 browny brows, as I was searching for a mascara type of product to replace my beloved Catrice one and also this was very recommended to me by fellow bloggers. I have ordered a new eyeshadow palette, as seen up, the MUR Flawless Matte 2 and along with it I also bought two more lippies by Golden Rose. I have purchased Golden Rose Matte lipstick crayon  in shades 13 and 11. I know I have not posted yet about the ones I already have at home, but I was kinda thinking I will not use the photos I made back in December and prepare a full new post including the two new shades. Last lippie was actually won in a giveaway hosted by DM Drogerie Markt Slovenia on their Facebook page and I won the Rimmel Lasting finish by Kate lipstick shade 105. It's a very lovely every day shade I can match with almost any makeup look and feels well one the lips. First impressions are very positive.

Two goodies I have been adoring in the last couple of weeks as both have been purchased recently - ESSIE nail lacquer in shade  Viva antigua! and Katy Perry Killer Queen EdP. The Essie nail polish has been so loved I have been wearing it every day from the day I got it! I matched it onmy hands and feet and I feel totaly in summer mood! Also when applied carefully and slowly one coat is enough to give full coverage, but if you just quickly paint this on and remove excess nail polish too much, the first coat will be too thin and sheer and you will need a second one. The Katy Perry perfume was on my wishlist especially because of the packaging. I love, love, love the packaging and find it super perfect! I am slowly getting to realising my plan to buy more interesting products, also in the aspect of packaging. I cought this on sale at Muller store for 7 euros. Granted, it's the mini 15 ml version. The scent is not my favourite, I admit, a bit too sweet, but still very wearable.

There was another beauty blogger event in Slovenia last month, Summermbeauty, that happened in Maribor at the beginning of June when I was away at a festival. Katja from Nail 2 Express blog contacted me about a collab proposal and she was so nice and send me these Himalaya Herbals* products she received at the event -  Himalaya Herbals Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash, Purifying Neem face wash, Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub and Himalaya Herbals Sparkly White, Sensi-relief and Complete care toothpaste. When I test these out there will be a review up here! ;)

Last was a random purchase I really didn't have to make but I did it anyway! :P I treated myself with Maybelline The Blushed Nudes eyeshadow palette. The palette is very sleek and well, very pink as you can see. The shades are very good, except for two that I don't find very good these are decent. I have to try them out a bit more, but I like the combo of shades, basically a lot of neutral nudes and shimmery nude - browny shades and three to four more pink-ish, dusty rose kind off shades. They do have a bit of a fall out but they are smooth and blend well. I hope I manage a full blog post soon!

Have you tried any of these products? Any recommendations for me? As You may have noticed last months have been crazy with amout of products, therefore I will prepare a blog sale, but will probably just post is on my facebook page. If you want to get something, stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**The products that were sent to me for review purposes are marked with *!


  1. Tvoji New In so vedno paša za oči :D. Kakšen je ta Batiste šampon? Pušča rjavo sled? Inglot mene že tako dolgo muči, ampak še nikoli nisem imela šanse videt izdelkov v živo. Slišim pa samo dobre stvari :).

    1. Hvala ;) Meni je Batiste zakon, imam temne lase, tako da ne vidim rjave sledi, na meni se super ujame. Drugače pa se vidi ja ko si umijem lase, da gre najprej rjavo dol :P Inglot senčila so res top! Mi je že škoda, da nisem najprej zavila v Douglas in nakupila več :P

  2. Tale Astrjev mat svinčnik sem ravno zadnjič dala na wishlisto :) Odtenki Maybelline lakov so super kjut :)

    1. Meni je Astor super, sem prav vesela, da sem ga kupila! Bom pripravila objavo :P Hvala ;)

  3. Moram še enkrat dat šanso Batiste, pred časom me je po njem kar precej srbelo lasišče, medtem ko se mi pri Baleji to ne dogaja, ampak zato pa mi Balea suhi šampon pušča več belih lis..

    Drugače pa je objava res prava paša za oči :D. Inglot senčke delujejo res mamljivo, od Golden rose imam pa tudi jaz ta odtenek št. 13 in sem res zadovoljna :). Pa fajn da sem tule zasledila na tale Make me brow od Essence, ker bom ravno počasi si morala omislit nekaj podobnega, od Catrice sem ga že skoraj porabila.

    1. A res? Jaz še nisem imela negativne izkušnje z Batiste. Balea na meni sploh ni mela nekega resnega učinka, pač je bila ok, ampak je Batiste stokrat boljši.
      Hvala ;) Se trudim, da vsak mesec poskušam nove izdelke, da ne zapadem v rutino. Čeprav, ko se dejansko ličim lahko to zelo hitro postane običajna rutina :P Make me brow me je precej navdušil, sploh mi je všeč mini krtačka, lahko res lepo počešem in pridem do najmanjše dlakce :P


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