Monday, October 22, 2012

Alverde newbies!

Hello! It's been some time since my last post. But I was active anyway and I got myself some new products by Alverde, that just launched this autumn. Some countries got it a lot earlier than we did, but at least, they are finally here. :)

 This is one of the four eyeshadow pallets. It's called 46 Fairy forest. This product is vegan :) I like the new package, because it is really small and fits in any make up bag so you can take it with you anywhere you want. Still, I would be careful since the plastic doesn't feel very strong to me. Previous boxes were really three times bigger and also stronger than this one. The colours some in four groups, the other three are natural brown collection, classic white to black and a berry collection with three pinkish colours and one greyish-black.

Fairy forest consist of one matte shade and three slightly shimmery ones. The lightest shade is matte, but the rest are not, the same goes for the other three pallets, always one matte and the rest with a little shimmer.

 Here are the swatches, perhaps here the grey colour looks a bit too much purplish, it isn't at all in real. All three are nicely pigmented, I had no problem with blending, they have the usual Alverde scent to it, but nothing to disturb me. Here on the swatches, I didn't use any base, but on my make up I used Essence eyeshadow base for pigments and the look lasted for at least 3 hours, than it stated to show signs of slowly fading.

 On to new products, here I have liquid eye shadow in 30 Metallic Aubergine and 4in1 concealer 10 natural.
The eye shadow is taking me some more time to apply, I always have problems with liquid eye shadows. It is a bit harder to spread it evenly on the eyelids and it takes more time to dry so you can add other colours. I only used this one and I waited for it to dry, than I applied Catrice mono eyeshadow in Plum up the Jam, also all over my lid to fix all the spots that were uneven. The look lasted all day, but at the end I did have some trouble because it got really dry, and even thou it didn't crease I had a feeling on my lids like it's gonna all fall down in flakes. This product comes in three shades, one is more silvery and the other one more bluish colour.

                 Concealer is for now in our stores in only one shade, I don't know if it will come in more shades. It is really light in colour, texture. It doesn't have any kind of smell, it applies even more easily than other Alverde concealers. This product is meant to have four functions - highlighter, concealer, base and eyeshadow in one. I can say I really like this product and it can perform all four different tasks. It has a slight tiny shimmer in it, so it is perfect for a highlighter, as concealer it is good, but rather average. It doesn't give a lot of coverage, but it evens out the colour nicely. I used it as a base and than applied some black matte eyeshadow over it and it looked great. I just don't know how long it would last, since I only had it on for about three hours. Once I  used it solo and added just some eyeliner and it looked good, it evened out the natural colour of my eyelids, it looked like I had an eyeshadow on.

I am very satisfied with my newbies, the pallet is great, really lovely colours, I love the touch of green. True, I have enough of such products already but I can not help myself, I must at leats try them XD I still have hope liquid eyeshadows will become my thing, but I seem to still have trouble with them. But I love the colour and the fact it actually lasted for a whole day, with a little help ;) The 4in1 concealer is a great product, worth every penny! I am still waiting for the lip pencils, I would really love to try those, but they are not in stores yet...

What do you think? Have you already tried some of their new products?

Thanks for reading and have a nice week! :)


  1. Četverček izgleda naravnost popolno za jesen. :)

  2. Super barve so, do sedaj sem sicer največ uporabljala srednji dve,ker sta najbolj nevtralni za everyday look,vsaj zame ;)


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