Monday, October 15, 2012

Beauty haul - my new stuff :)

Hey there! It's autumn already and it's time to refresh a bit my beaty and make up bags :)
In the last two or three weeks I got myself some pretty new stuff, but I wanted to post them all together in one post.

Here's a group photo of my newbies!

What we have here is from left to right: Balea Bodylotion Feigen- und Schokoladenduft limited edition, Essence Wild Craft LE nail polish 03 mystic lilac, Catrice Ultimate Nail lacquer 900 Steel My heart,  Revlon ColorBurst lipstick in 095 Crimson, Catrice Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties LE, Velvet Lip Colour, C01 Red Butler, Terra Naturi kajal eyeliner in 04 Jade Green, Essence Class of 2013 LE, eyeshadow pen in 02 School's out forever.

First off, the body lotion should come along with the shower cream, but in our DM stores I only found the body lotion and the other one that smells of almond and cherries. I prefered this smell more, it is really gorgeous! Very chocolatey, creamy, a bit of sweet scent and vanilla. I'm not sure I even know how figs should smell, so I can't really say I smell them. I like this because it is not just chocolate but also a bit of sweet, fruity smell. The texture is as always with Balea, light, white colour, absorbs quickly, doesn't leave a sticky feeling, but doesn't smell on the skin for long. I wish it did thou, I love the smell.

Second is a nail polish from a limited editon by Essence. the first time I saw it it didn't persuade me, but the next I kinda had a shopping spree and was way too much in a good mood, so I bought it. But I am actually satisfied with it. In comparison with the second nail polish by Catrice, it's more long lasting and easier to apply. I don't have any photos of how it looks on my nails thou... Love the colour, really nice purple shade, quite dark also.

The second one by Catrice is a bit more special, because it has a brushed metal effect. It looks different and also feels different on my nails. It's not as glossy and smooth as I am used to with nail polishes, but is a bit more rough, has an unique finish to it too. I took a photo of how it looks one day after applying it. With application I had problems because I needed two coats to get them look even, but after applying the second one the nail polish didn't dry as quickly and as good and it started to crease if my nails tuched my clothes or phone or anything really..  It is also not long lasting, it goes off pretty easy by itself, but a lot harder with nail polish remover.

This lipstick is by Revlon, a company very well known around the globe for their lip products. I believe everyone knows the make up world was in a huge hype for their Lip Butters and still are. This one is from their range Colorburst, it's number 095 Crimson. It's been out for a couple of years now and it has been on my wishlist for a long time. It's a really nice product, very creamy, easy to apply, quite longlasting if you ask me, I think it lasted about 4 hours with drinking, but after eating I had to reapply. It does have a bit of a smell but it doesn't bother me. The colour is amazing, really nice brick red, suitable for warm skin tones. I would suggest this product to those who want a red lipstick, but not a very strong, statement one. I will probably mostly use it as a daily lipstick. This can be worn without any lipliner.

Another lipstick I got is by Catrice. This is the first lipstick by them that I own and it is very good! This one here is from a limited edition Hollywood's Fabulous 40ties, Red Butler. It's a really great shade, the colour payoff is also very good. It's a more cool toned one, and even thou I'm warm and more yellow toned I can still pull it off. Normally I would never buy such a shade, but I just had to try it. To me it looks like more a cold colour, with a touch of violet shades, so I usually associate this kind of colours with fair skin, but it still looked good on me. Both lipsticks demand quite some work on the skin, you really need to cover up all the redness and the spots, otherwise you look red all over the face. As for texture, it is really comparable to the Revlon one. It's creamy, easy to apply, easy to blend, but it's not that longlasting. Plus the colour demands a lip liner, it's just such a shade that really stands out and needs to be  a touch more defined. It's also half the price of the Revlon one, so it's a nice alternative. I will definitely try some other shades. Longivety is not that important to me, because I would re - do my lips anyway, every hour or less, just because I'm used to it.

Here are the swatches, the upper one is Catrice Red Butler and the second one Revlon Crimson. And here's how they look on my lips in the sun :)

Revlon, Crimson

Catrice, Red Butler

Also a swatch of an eyeliner and an pencil eyeshadow. The first, upper one, is by Terra Naturi, a brand of natural cosmetics, by Müller. It's a nice shade of green, named 04 Jade Green, it goes one with abit of trouble and it stays on for about 3-4 hours, but than I needed to reapply it. I have very greasy eyelids, so 3-4 hours is actually really good for me. I used Essence eyeshadow base for mineral eyeshadows, so I think that helped too. It did not fade much, but enough for me to notice the difference and feel the need to reapply it.

Sorry the photo didn't get the reall colours, I hope I manage to get some sun and make another one.

The second product is an eyeshadow in a pencil by Essence, Class of 2013 LE,  in 02 School's out forever. It's ok for an Essence product and price, but nothing special really. It can work as a mono eyeshadow or as a highlighter, it stays put for a few hours, it did not crease. Still the colour in the store looked a lot more promising than on the natural light and I kinda regret this buy, since it really did not impress me. I'm tryng to include it in many looks but.. I just don't like it much. It's too shimmery even for me, and I love shimmery eyeshadows.

So this is it, all my newbies and more of them yet to come! I hear Alverde finally delivered their new autumn products to Slovenia, so shopping it is! XD

Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading!

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