Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NEW- BALEA Limited Edition Showergels

Balea released two new shower gels for autumn - winter time :) One is a combination of cherry scents and almond scent and the other one is for real chocoholics like me - a combination of chocolate and fig scents. I already saw some comments about these two. The first one is said to smell very sweet, with cherry scent dominating. The other one doesn't smell so sweet, even thou the name would suggest it. 

Balea team says:
"The wonderfully sensuous fragrance [...] engages your senses and makes showering a real pleasure. Pamper yourself with pleasure with this sweet sin. The moisturizing formula keeps the moisture balance of your skin and protects it from drying"
A good news is also that both these are VEGAN! And you get 300 ml for about 0,85 euro :)

I hope this will arrive to Slovenia soon, I will definitely try both if they smell as I hope they do. I love cherries, they are one of my favourite fruits, almonds always smell gorgeous and I'm a total chocoholic, so these two products are perfect for me. I just hope they really do smell nicely. Previous limited edition was kiwi, raspberry and melon and all had a bit too sugary, plastic smell for me. I liked raspberry one, but I already had so many shower gels at home that I had to finish first.

I would comment the ingredients if I was good at it, but since I'm no expert I leave that to you, to decide whether this product will work for you or not. :)

P.S.: These two shower gels will also have their companions in a form of body lotion, also limited edition :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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