Monday, September 24, 2012

Preview - Catrice - Big City Life LE

Catrice strikes again with a new limited edition collection Big City Life. This one will come out in October and November. It consist of three eyeshadow pallets and corresponding nail polishes. All three are a combination of eyeshadows and blushes, they have a little applicator in it and also a small kajal pencil.


Paris collection is in shades of pink and grey, some nude tones.

San Francisco

San Francisco has one colour that really stands out, a teal blue one, the rest are more neutral .

Shanghai consist of gold shade, some light browns and a bit darker browns.

Here are the corresponding nail polishes:

Catrice launched a similar collection last year, but with different cities and different shades. I was too late to get any of the pallets, so I hope this year I manage to at least try them out in store.

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