Sunday, September 2, 2012

Essence - Cherry Blossom Girl, Wild Craft and Colour Arts - review and swatches

Essence trend editions Cherry Blossom Girl and Wild Craft were just now in stores and are already sold out almost everywhere. Sometime about two weeks or more ago there was also another trend edition, named Colour Arts, that has become now a part of a regular range. I didn't get much of the first two, and the colour pigments didn't persuade me enough, so I got just one.

First I got Wild Craft eyeshadows in violet and greeny shade, named 03 Mystic lilac and 02 Out of the forest. They weren't expensive, they cost 1,99 each :) Most people say that Essence eyeshadows are a hit or a miss, and most of them are not very content with their eyeshadows. I must say that what I have of them is actually pretty good, the shades and texture and smell and longevity, I've been satisfied with them as much as with other more expensive ones. This two are very nicely pigmented, very nice colours for fall. Looks like purple-violet-lavander colours are a total hit this season, almost every brand offered in their fall collection at least one such colour.
They also don't smell of anything in particular, they do have a scent, but I just don't know how to describe it. I haven't worn them yet, so I can not say how long lasting are they.

The rest of the range was already gone, too bad I couldn't get the duo brush. There were some nailpolishes still left, but in live they didn't look so pretty. The third eyeshadow was also gone, but I tested it anyway. It was a really lovely colour. Could be used in almost any make-up. Lucky those who got it XD

As for lipstick pencil from Cherry Blossom Girl. I got it in both shades available, 01 Cherry Cherry Girl and 02 It's peach not cherry. All the rest of the products from Cherry Blossom Girl were alreay gone. Here on the photo they may seem nice, but they are not! This is probably the worst lipstick product I ever had! There were no testers in the store so I hoped I made the right choice and put a blind faith the product will be good. I tried to apply both of them in several possible ways, but all end up looking.. huh.. ugly. Cherry Cherry Girl is a nice coral shade, and goes on more smoothly than the other one. Still it sits into the every tiny crack on the lips. I tried putting it on without any base, and it was no good. Than I tried just with a lipbalm under. A bit better but it was really hard to blend it into a nice colour. The pigment kept staying in clusters and refused to budge, even  thou I tried directly from lip pencil, than with a brush, than with my own fingers. Nothing helped. Still the other colour It's peach not cherry was much worse. I couldn't make it into a nice lip colour at all. I also tried using their lip base, that was also just released in  another trend edition Colour Arts. It did help a bit with the darker shade, but the lighter one is simply terrible. The price for each was also 1,99e.

Here's a photo of their new lip base that came with the Colour Arts trend edition. Now it is already available in regular range. So are the pigments. They seemed nice in the store, but the colours didn't convince me yet. I just got one shade, in 02 Smell the caramel. I liked it because I wanted to make a look with a golden eyeshadow  and I didn't had even one shade of gold at home at all.  I tried to make a nice swatch  but the weather here is not granting me any nice daylight so the photo is a bit unjust to the pigment. To me this is a perfect golden pigment, not too greeny, browny, not too shiny, not too yellowy. Just a perfect simple gold shade.  These two were also budget friendly, lip base cost me about two euros, can't remember exactly    and the pigment 2,69e :)

Oh, I also got the eye base from Colour Arts, I'm still testing it. It's not creamy at all, it's more like a white lotion. I always have to wait a bit so it dries on my lids, because if I apply eyeshadow too soon it starts to crease immediately. My make-up just doesn't look as good as it usually did. It does when I first apply it, but after four hours of wearing it, it starts to crease a bit and the colours start to go into flakes, it looks like snake flakes. Before I used Manhattan eyeshadow base and I must say I liked it more than this product. I think I'll go and buy a new base soon.

So this is it :) What did you get from these three trend editions? Anything you were really satisfied with? Hope this was useful to you :)

Thanks for reading! :)

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