Thursday, September 13, 2012

DIY Photo story - Gift Box for Jewelry :)

Today's post will show you how to make a gift box at home :) I will use these for jewelry, but can be also used for anything that fits in :) You can make one just for yourself, so it looks pretty on your desk or shelf :)

 You will need: a cardboard box in any size you wish, some water based glue for paper napkins technique, I used Hobby line Art Potch Servietten Technik, scissors, a brush, Acryl colour - HobbyArt by Rayher, a sponge and of yourse paper napkins. I used the ones that are sold in hobbyart shops, I don't know if the ones we use at the table would do, never tried it.
First step: You cut out of the napkin the shape and size you need. The napkin is usually made of three layers, so you need to peel awa the last one, the white one here on th photo, one white one and one printed must stay together.

On my midget sized nails - Essence English Rose :)

Second step: Cut out the motive you need, or just adapt the shape to the box.

Third step: Take the cardboard box, or just their cover, depends what you want to decorate and use waterbased glue all over the napkin. Be careful you place it nicely, because later you can not adjust it anymore. Once it gets wet from the glue you can not move it anymore, plus it is very likely that if you try, it will rip apart . While applying  the glue you must also take care it doesn't cluster together, you need to hold the napkin steady on one place, so the motive doesn't get too crushed. It will always be a bit, but still you need to make the motive nicely visible.

This is how it looks when it's glued on, but still wet. Careful how you hold it, you don't want it to stick to your fingers, and when you will try to get your fingers away from it you could by accident damage it.

On the sides I cut the napkin too short, so I had to repair it, and on some part doubled the layer of napkin and glue :)

Forth step: The lower part of the box can be decorated the same way with a napkin, or it can be coloured as you like. I decided to leave the happening and shapes on the top, and wanted to make a simple bottom. I used the sponge to help me, because it was easier to make the box look nicer. Usual brush sometimes leaves visible traces of where and how you applied the colour and that doesn't look that good, unless you want that effect. I had to apply the colour several times on the sponge, to get the whole box nicely and evenly covered with acryl colour. I chose acryl instead of anything else there is, because it is simple and it protects the box, it gives a nice shine ( you can also buy matte acryl colours), it's easy to use, it's not too expensive plus it lasts long. :) One thing you might not like is that sponge absorbs a lot of colour, so a lot of it goes to waste. I did not use any water, I just made the sponge a bit damp, but that was all.

 Don't forget to colour the inside edge of the box on the lower part, on the upper you can if you wish, but I left it covered with napkin. :)

 Both upper and lower part should be left on some old paper or old cloth you don't need to dry up. I can't remember how long it took to dry, but it was really fast, I guess in about half an hour both pieces were dry.

And this is the finished look :) You could also make the inside more interesting, add a colour, paper or any kind of textiles you want. :) I left the inside as it was. I think if you want to fill in with textile you should do that first and than decorate outside, just in case, so you can repair little smudges and glue and all that goes dirty with a decoration or colour. :)

Do you like this project? I had a lot of fun with it and it ended up looking pretty at first try :) I hope this was useful to you, I also made some more and those are updated on my Facebook page UniqaPoly :)

Thanks for reading :)

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