Saturday, September 1, 2012

Charm bracelets :)

Hi everyone! :)

In this post I'll show you some of my charm bracelets :) I first started making earrings and necklaces, and when I got enough of them I decided to try bracelets too. :) They looked like they are more complicated to do, so I was kinda avoiding making them. Plus I thought I will probably have to buy so many new stuff and the budget won't let me,...- but in fact, it wasn't complicated to make, I loved making them, they turned out very pretty at first try :) It did cost me some more, but I don't mind since I was satisfied with the result + I didn't have to throw away a lot of material on first ones :)

Mostly I used glass beads, because I think they look much more prettier than anything else. You do have to be more careful not to break them thou, but I think we can manage that ;)

These two were the first ones I made and to me they are very pretty :) The first one has glass beads and a metal butterfly on it. Glass beads are black on the inside with lots of flowery ornaments and than clear glass, so it makes even more shine:) The second one is made just from metal parts, leaves and a tree :) Very simple, very chic and can be worn for any occasion, from daily to a fancy dinner! :) The lenght of each is adjustable :)

Next I made some more using glass beads and metal beads:)

I used simple colour combinations because I prefer it that way, because than a piece of jewelry can be used more often and can be more easily combined with other accessories. Plus even if you get tired of it and stop wearing it for some time, there will always be a time again when you will need something more universal and such pieces like this will always be in your jewelry box. :)  You can always make them more full on, put loads of beads on. But with these that would mean they would be very heavy, since glass and metal beads tend to have more waight than other materials. For a more full on look I would recommend using acrylic and wood beads, they are much lighter :)

I hope you liked my jewelry and thanks for reading! :)

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