Friday, September 7, 2012

All my Black & Whites :)

Black and white is the most simple and the oldest combination of colours in any kind of simbols, clothes, jewelry and other daily used stuff. To me this is the perfect colour combination, to some it is very boring and dull. Here I present some of my unique jewelry, made with different materials in black and white. :)

These earrings were already published here on this blog, but I find them really classy, so I posted them again :) They are made of glass beads, metal caps for beads, earring hook, metal sticks and natural gemstone onyx.

These simple earrings are made of glass beads and white natural stone, but I can not find out the name and the store doesn't sell them anymore.
This necklace and earrings are made of black and white combination, I also added some purple. I used glass beads and natural gemstones - Cat's eye. The earrings are made just from glass beads :)
These are very small earrings, also made of glass and natural stone. :)
Here I used glass beads and acrylic coloured beads. This is a more grey and black combination. :)
For these I used only glass beads, but they are not heavy, even though they might seem so, since they are double :)
A bit more white than black, these earrings are made just from glass :)
Charm bracelet, I think I already posted it here under another post. Again I used just metal and glass beads :)
For this one I made three strings, than organized a chain of glass beads, tied them together at one end and knitted the strings together. I did the same for the bracelet. :)

I really love glass beads, they look so fine in any colour and combination. If  I can, I try to use materials that complement one another, and mostly I used glass beads and metal parts, sometimes acrylic. Even wood and glass look nice together, if the wood has been nicely coloured and polished. So what do you think? Would you like to wear any of these?

Thanks for reading! :)

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