Thursday, September 6, 2012

Alverde Goodbye products - review and swatches

Alverde is preparing to launch new, autumn products and therefore there were sales on the ones that were going out. I saw a list published on some german site and I think they had more stuff going out than we did or just we had fewer things on sale, but they are still going out. I got myself Alverde  Quattro eyeshadow in 37 Chocolate, baked eyeshadow in 09 Nude Rose and kajal eyeliner in 10 Dark Violet. All together were about five euros, yeey! I love this brand of cosmetic and make up because they make such great products for a reasonable price, they also have a lot of vegan stuff and certificates confirming they have natural substances in it and are not testing on animals.

First, the eyeshadow  is in classical warm tones from very light beige to dark matte brown, the third shade is rather shimmery, but the rest are matte ones. They are nicely pigmented, they have that usual Alverde smell all their products have, I wouldn't say they are very longlasting but thay stay put for at least 5 hours on me. Probably on someone with less  oily skin that would last even longer.

Than next two are baked eyeshadow and kajal eyepencil. Baked eyeshadows were  some time ago a part of a limited edition and than some shades got to be in the regular range. At first I got myself a wonderful green shade when they came with LE, and based on my experiences with that one I decided to get this one too. Although I have a lot of similar shades already, I can never get enough of nice natural pastel shades that can be used in so many ways :)

It's a very pigmented eyeshadow, even more than the ones from the quattro range, it lasts longer but it does have a bit more of an intense smell, because it's baked and it was made with a different technology. As for the kajal pencil - it's a very dark violet shade. To me it looks  a bit electric violet with the right light, it has a bit of shine to it. It is a quite longlasting product, I had to wash my hands several times just to get the swatch off. Out of these three only quattro is a vegan product :) I'm very content with all of them, I hope Alverde will continue making such wonderful products and I also hope that even more of the make up will be made vegan :)

Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading! :)

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  1. i absolutely love baked eyeshadow b/c of the pigmentation! use them wet and they get intense pigmentation :) the neutral shades are beautiful!


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