Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[Preview] „Hollywood’s FABULOUS 40ties” LE by CATRICE

Catrice - another brand originating from Germany! It's a brand that makes some really great stuff for a very budget friendly price. I've tried their eyeshadows, lipglosses, face primer, nail polishes and mascaras and I've always been very satisfied with all my buys. I can say I never made a failed buy whenever buying at their stand. Also their Limited Editions are a very good buy - from colours, textures, longivety, fragrances and also price! Here's a preview for a limited editon I can hardly wait to get my hands on, since it's just so pretty! It should be available from September 2012 (in Germany).

I will start with my favourite part - lipsticks! Lately I've been so in love with anything to do with lipsticks! Lipbalms, lipglosses, lipsticks, lippencils... in a variety from gentle pastel colours, bright corals to dark, burgundy red.

Velvet Lip Colour: Classic colours, velvety matte finish. The choice is not easy: bright red, strong rosewood, radiant coral or discreet nude. This is available in  C01 Red Butler, C02 Holly Rose Wood, C03 Marlene's Favourite and C04 The Nude Scene.

High Gloss Lip Topcoat and Gloss: With its high-shine effect and the practical brush for dabbing it strikes a glossy finish. Applied over lipstick or alone gives the lips an exciting finish.

Absolute Eye Colour QuattroCharacteristic of the 40s: a natural and subtle eye makeup. These color combinations of the Absolute Eye Colour Quattro's  give the most authentic look possible. This will be available in C01 She's A Lady and C02 Hollywood Boulevard.

Eyebrow Gel: The eyebrow gel with nourishing panthenol brings the eyebrows long lasting shape. The lightly colorized gel can be easily applied by the integrated brush, dries quickly and gives an even eyebrow natural finish. This will be aveilable in just one colour C01 Brown neutrally.

Eyebrow Lifter: With its light-reflecting pigments optically raises the eyebrow, lift sthe eyebrows and opens your eyes.  Available in C01 Casablanca's highlight.

Multi Colour Blush: Three perfectly coordinated shades give cheeks a soft blush with a slight shimmer. The innovative combination of pressed and baked powder gives a wonderfull finish for a clearly defined face shape and can be spread easily with a blush brush. Available in C01 Gone With The Wind.

Ultimate Nail Polish: Matching the colors of the Velvet Lip Colours and the nails. The extra wide brush provides a professional and consistent paint job on the entire nail. Available in Red Butler C01, C02 Holly Rosewood, Marlene's Favourite C03, C04 and C05 The Nude Scene Doris' Darling.

So what do you think? Do they offer anything that you don't already have or anything that you would really like to try? For me this limited edition is just simply gorgeous! The lipsticks are so classy, and even thou I have many I like these colors so much! Also eyeshadows will be hard to resist and nail polishes. The colours are so pretty I want to have them all! XD I'm also curious about eyebrow lifter, would really like to see what it really does on a face. 

Thanks for reading and have a great time! :)

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