Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Preview - Artdeco Mystic Garden LE

New limited edition Mystic Garden Fall - Winter 2012 Collection. It is again as expected from Art Deco - classy, very nice shades and again a lovely box for eyeshadows :)

The new eyeshadows can be stored  in this new limited edition Beauty Box Quattro Art Design 12/ 13 featuring floral design.

Four intensive eyeshadows offer a shimmering range of colors in violet, night blue, light brown and chestnut brown. I find their eyeshadow very good quality and a reasonable price, about 5 euros for one. This is available in  283 Intense Aubergine, 89 Pearly Eternal Violet, 213 Attractive Nude and 209 Earth Spirit. Personally I would like to have the aubergine and violet one :)

Art Couture lipsticks are the first two on the photo, they come in two shades Cream Tosca Red – dark red and Cream Autumn Brown – brown-red.
Second ones are Perfect Colour Lipstick, they come in 32 Autumn Flower – brown-red and 82 Cabaret Pink – bright cherry red. The last one is Hydra Lip Booster in 40 Translucent Cryptal Bud.

The nail polish contains patented ceramic particles that increase its durability and ensure long-lasting shine. Polyester resin shortens drying time and prevents discoloration of the nails.It comes in four shades - 26 Deep Scarlet Red – dark bordeaux, 69 Rich Cream – subtle cream, 31 Brown Truffle – chocolate brown and 07 Pink Cabaret – bright fuchsia. I would go for Deep Scarlet Red, such a pretty shade :)

This waterproof eyeliner is fragrance-free and contains nourishing Vitamin E. This comes in 16 Autumn Leaves – mysterious brown.

The kajal eyeliner is also suitable for use on the waterline. It won’t smudge and is suitable for contact lens wearers. This comes in64 Warm Brown.

In this collection there are also Eye designer that comes in 90 Autumn Flower – creamy beige and 98 Rich Cream – dark chestnut brown. All in one mascara that is in only one shade 07 Gray- Green. Mineral lip styer in two shades, 12 Mineral Tosca Red – intense red satin and 17 Mineral Vintage Nude and High precision liquid liner in 03 playful - brown. And ablusher also, but I did not find a name or number for it. Also could not find any information on the other two eyeshadows, so I can only guess if they are creamy or mineral?

Do you like anything? I will check it out, but for now I do not intend to buy anything.

Thanks for reading! :D

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