Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photo story - DIY new jewelry project

Hi! Here's a  short photo story of how I make my jewlry. :)

First you need to prepare everything you will need. I sometimes get an idea and than make it just with the few different beads I found in that moment and than later realize I could use some other stuff too. So it's best if you keep everything organized as much as you can and prepare everything before you start. :) For this simple project you will need:
-for necklace: some black cotton cord, wood beads in at least two colours and three different sizes
- for bracelet: memory wire, pliers, wood beads in two colours and two different sizes
- for earrings: wood beads in two colours and all three sizes, earrings hook, pliers, some metal chopsticks with a little ball at the end to hold the beads in.

For necklace you first cut the cotton cord at the wished lenght. Here I made it quite long, so I don't need to put a stopper at the end, you just put it over your head:) Than I used firstly one large red bead, than two small black ones, than two small red ones, and than repeated this two times, than again a big red one and again the same.. With this you get a nice symmetrical necklace, but you can always line them up as you wish, there's no need for any kind of sequence.

Bracelet is also very easy to make. Just cut the memory wire as long as you wish, the more you cut the bigger and more massive it gets, usually I cut at least three or four  circles. Than at one end use pliers and make a little loop, so it will keep the beads in. Start organizing a chain of beads as you like. You can have a pattern (for example: two black, two red, two black, two big reds, two black, two red,...) or you can put them on randomly like I did :) At the end again make a loop. Try to make them as small as possible, but big enough that beads don't go off :)

For earrings you will need firstly two larger red beads and two smaller and four little black ones. First you make the lower part, use the little chopsticks with a stopper at the end, put on black bead and than the big red one, cut the rest of the stick at an appropriate lenght, as much as you need left to make a nice loop. Than take other sticks that have loops at the end, or just sticks and make loops at the end yourself. Put on little red bead and than little black bead, cut at an appropriate lenght and make a loop. Connect the first part to the upper part, an than alltogether to the earring hook. At the end put some silicon stoppers on the earrings hook :)

 And this is the finished project. A set of jewelry in maching colours and materials. You can choose any kind of beads and any kind of base you prefer, also the colour combinations here are very simple. You can always try more daring colours. This is a very classy set of jewelry, very suitable for the upcoming fall :)

Here on the photos you can see still some leftovers of the cord. I tend to really tighten it as much as possible, than leave it for some time, tighten it again and than cut off the rest. Better to be sure it holds than to make the whole thing again :)

I started making jewelry on my own and I can say I'm a self-taught. Making necklaces like this was one of the first things I did, it's super easy, you just need the material, a good idea and some time ;)

Thanks for reading and I hope this was useful to you! :)

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