Thursday, August 30, 2012

Preview - Catrice LE Upper Wildside

Catrice decided to launch another limited edition. It should be arriving before the 40's Hollywood one. This one is a bit similar to the Essence Wild Craft one. :) But not too much :) This is also arriving in September :)

Long-lasting cream eyeshadows: These have flock applicator, creamy texture, are easy to apply and blend and are very long-lasting. Available in o1 Be Aztec, 02 Urban Outrider, 03 The Place to Be: Prairie. For me the last one would do, such a neutral colour that could be used in so many make-ups, other two don't convince me.
Lip gloss stick: It's gel-like, almost transparent texture. Available in 01 Wild, Wild West-side and 02 Red Rocks! I find these too transparent and daily coloured. I would prefer if they were more creamy and stronger colours.

Sun teint bronzing gel: It's gel-like texture is easy to apply, it is not self-tanning. Suitable for all skin types. Interesting product for fall, would expect this more for summer or before summer.

Nail polish:  Available in Be Aztec, Hunting Heritage, Urban Outrider, Wild, Wild West-side, Red Rocks! Not my kind of colours, really not even one nail polish would go home with me..
Suede Beauty bag :) Looks really nice, doesn't it? If it's big enough to get all my stuff in that I normaly carry around it's mine! :)

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