Monday, July 1, 2013

NEW in June :)

Hello again! A new post from UniqaPoly and a new month :) Today I'll present you the new stuff I bought and got as a gift in June :) There are quite a lot of items here plus some that I got as a gift  from slovenian makeup forum Ars Cosmetica in collaboration with Revlon :) !!!! Yeey, me so happy! Thank you again so much!
 Techically the Revlon package arrived today, but I included it it new stuff from June :) Quite a lot of new lippies - again! XD And some other products that I use more on a daily basis :)

So here's the list of my new things :)
- Rimmel London Apocalis Lip Lacquer in 401 Aurora
- Maybelline New York ColorSensational Shine Gloss in two shades 360 Stellar Berry and 610 Naked Star
- Alverde Lust auf Meer LE, lipstick in 30 Leucht turm
- Alverde Lust auf Meer LE, eyeliner in 10 Schilfgrun
- Garnier Moisture Match, 24h mattifying fresh face cream for mix to oily skin
- Balea Sonnen Schutz spray, hair spray with UV for hair protection
- Crystal Essence Mineral deodorant and body spray, Lavender & White tea
- Essence Ticket to paradise LE, eyeshadow in 03 Tropical heat
- Labello Sun Protect lip balm with SPF 30
- Ebelin nail polish remover
- Ebelin sponge for face peeling/massage

And on the second photo, my fantastic Revlon package! I got:
- Nearly Naked makeup in shade 130 Shell, SPF 20
- Colorstay concealer in shade 02 Light
- Nail enemel in shade 620 Bewitching
- ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick in shade 035 Backstage

And some more photos of my new trophies :)

 I got these two with a discount bonus 50% off and there was no real colour choice. The berry shade looked yummy ... but the rest were too pinky, pearly something, so I took this golden shiny one. It will fit with a lot of looks, even thou I already have a gloss or two in a similar shade.

I got this one when I went to Pilsen, Czech republic on a festival, at the beginning of June. We don't have Rimmel in Slovenia, so this is actually my first product from this brand.  I didn't really know what to get, people say their powders are really good - but I couldn't resist thic gorgeous colour! I really hope it will photo friendly and I'll be able to get some nice swatches for you :)

Another creamy like eyeshadow! I know, they just don't work for me - but this one is a bit different :) I'll write a more proper review about this gorgeous golden shade. When I was writting about the preview of this trend edition I said, I am interested in the blue lip gloss -hmm.. nothing special, so I went home with only this eyeshadow.

Finally Lust auf Meer LE arrived to Slovenia and I actually got to be the first to check out the new stand and the new products! I liked best this orangy-red lipstick and a greenish-golden eyeliner :)

In search for a moisturizing and light face cream I decided to give it a try with Garnier's new line of face creams, Moisture Match. There are four different creams, for four main skin types. This one has so far been ok, but more in a proper review :)

For hair I got this Balea spray that is supposed to prevent any damage to hair because of sun. I don't know if this will fork for me, or if it's just gonna end up to be a conditioner for hair.. will see how greasy this is on the hair. Ebelin nail polish remover has been a product I have repurchased soo many times, but I included it in this post anyway. Also new is this mineral deodorant Crystal Essence, I plan to write also why I chose a mineral one instead of the usual deodorants and antiperspirants.. why minerl deodorants are better for you :) Last two items are another Ebelin product, this time it's a peeling and massage plastic sponge and Labello Sun protect lip balm with SPF 30. :) I'm gonna join this lip balm with Alverde one from my post NEW in May, and I still owe you some review. So I'll make a post about these two and compare them :)

So.. have you already tried any of the products that are new to me? Do you like them? As you can see I will have a lot of work writing reviews and taking swatches for May and June.. I still have a lot of other cosmetics that I want to talk about ... it will be quite a month, quite a summer :) I hope I'll manage to write as much as possible :) Let me know which products are you most interested in :) I'll do my best to write about them as soon as possible. :) Also I will post comments and photos about the Revlon products  here on this  forum - Ars Cosmetica :)

Thank you for reading and have a great week! :)

Love, UniqaPoly


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