Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: Garnier - Moisture Match - 24H Hydration Mattifying Fresh Cream

Hello! How is everyone? This post is about my new face cream I got in June and I already mentioned it here -  NEW in June :) So check the link and you can see some more stuff that I'll be reviewing in the new future :)

I got this face cream in DM store, I used the 2e bonus discount that you get at the counter, so instead of paying something around 6 to 7 euros, I paid something between 4 and 5 euros. So as for the price - this is not a very expensive product, but it will be to those who will not find this product good and useful.

Packaging - it comes in a little box and than in a classic plastic tube, with a plastic cap. XD Personally I prefer this kind of packaging because I can get out as much of the product I want without sticking my fingers in the whole pot! Still, don't squize too hard :P You get  50 ml of the product.

What the product promises? It says it is suitable for combination to oily skin, it promises to be mattifying. Also it promises to be fast absorbing and oil free, also suitable for sensitive skin. Contains green tea extract and vegetal elixir. Promises to be moisturizing and refreshing.

So the consistency of the cream is somewhere between liquidy and compact. To me it appears to be a good texture that is easy to apply and can be easily and evenly spread. You don't need much of the product for one use, so this should last some time, at least a month or two if you don't use any other creams. I really need just two tiny drops and it's enough for my face and neck.
It is slightly scented, has a similar scent as another Garnier cream I used when I was still a teen.. can't recall the name or if it's still available, but it was so similar to this one. Consistency, slight perfumed scent, texture, feeling on the hands and face. But that one had cucumber extract. So this scent reminds me of that of the cucumber cream. It is also of similar colour, very slightly green, but when applied you don't look white or green, so don't worry XD

And also a photo of the ingredients: I am no expert, but at least I know it's not good if alcohol is like on top of the list! Still I bought it, even though I noticed this fact - I wanted to give it a try. To see how my skin will react now, if maybe this will be a good product for me or not.

So how does it really do on me? I like the smell and the texture. I like that it feels smooth on my fingers and when applied. It does try to be mattifying but on me - but it's always a little dewy looking. I have oily skin almost all over my face, especially in summer. In winter I tend to be more combinated. When applied my face instantly feels refreshed, but never looks really mattified. Also after applied  and even thou I use just a tiny bit of the product I feel the product on my face - it just stays there as a light film. Which does not bother me mostly - because I use this only before I go to sleep or when I know I'll be home all day. Otherwise this is not a cream that would be compatible with a BB cream on top or any other foundation - at least not for me. As for moisturizing - it's ok, but nothing out of the ordinary. I have not noticed that my skin would feel more moisturized, more nourished. I can imagine that most other users of this product want this cream to be light and fast absorbing and a good base for a foundation - and maybe it  can be - but not for those who have oily skin. Because this cream simply does not mattify enough and does not absorb as well to be good as  a base. It does make my skin feel really smooth, it doesn't cause me any irritations or any outbreaks of pimples. Still an overall for this cream - an OK product, but it could be a lot better and it doesn't really fulfill all the promises.

Would I recommend it? Maybe, but only to those with normal to combination skin, because this will never really look mattifying on anyone with oily skin. Anyway if you want to try than go ahead, if you have mainly good experiences with Garnier face creams, than maybe this will work for you too. :) Personally I still like the cream, even thou the biggest promise this product gives (that it will mattify and absorb well) does not work for me as well as expected. I have a feeling that if it were autumn and winter my skin and this cream would work together a lot better, but in summer time it's really a hell to find a good moisturizing cream that doesn't leave a film and doesn't leave you looking shiny :)

I hope this was helpful to you and have a great Sunday! Thank you for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Hm this is the first time I hear someone say that it makes a film on the skin. I got a tester a few days ago and I cant wait to try it out to see if it works on me.

  2. On me it leaves a tiny film, I can feel the product on my skin, but not for that long.. still it annoys me since the product promises to be fast absorbing :) Let me know how it works for you :)


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