Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review & Swatches: Sleek - Mediterranean collection - Monaco eyeshadow palette

Hello! How is everyone? Today I'll write about another product that I have had for some time now, this is also the latest Sleek eyeshadow palette that I have acquired, thou I got it by second hand. This was a part of a limited edition, I think two years ago, a part of Mediterranean collection, palette named Monaco. Well that also means this is a discontinued product and no longer available in regular sale, but I think you can still get it on Amazon, eBay and such online shops, or maybe like me - from a girl that never really used it much. This palette has not been used much when I got it, only a couple of shades and than I had to stick my fingers into it and the photos are not that pretty, sorry guys :) Simply the colour combination had my attention and I had to, I had to feel all the shades and the textures.. they look sooo goood! ;)

Sometimes I really wonder if there is any sense in writting about a product that has been discontinued or a part of a limited edition so long ago it is almost not available anywhere anymore.. still for those of you, who will fall in love with the shades as much as I did, this might as well be just a regular review and swatches and you will find a way to get your hands on the product anyway :)

top line, from L to R: Bamboo, Aquamarine, Midnight Garden, Sunset, Washed ashore, Magenta madness; bottom line, L to R: Summer breeze, Sand walker, Kiwi zest, Lotus Flower, Humming Bird, Moors Treasure.

This palette has all kinds of colours, from vibrant to down toned. Shades are both shimmery and matte, but I feel like the shimmery ones are a bit more creamy in texture and more easy to blend. Shimmery shades are Sunset, a great reddish-browny- bronze colour, perfect for summer and one of the first shades I really fell in love with. Also shimmery are Kiwi zest, Lotus flower and Humming bird in second row. I like them, they are all very well pigmented, but usually I do not wear such light colours and when I do, they are usually matte. All three are easy to blend, I had no trouble with application - but I really don't use them that much... maybe to highlight inner corners, or under eyelashes a bit or such... I admit to not liking Lotus flower much... simply don't like pinky shades and I use this one the least of all.

Here are photos of the swatches, I did not use any base, as to show you how well they are pigmented on their own. First and lightest shade Bamboo, is really really light white-beige-yellow combination... simply don't know how to really describe it - and on hands it is invisible, but on the eye lids it's quite strong and well visible. The first row of shade appears rather pale and light and I'm really sorry for that, I have tried to take photos of these on several occasions but it simply would not show the real shades on photos, which really made me angry.. I can not properly show you how beautiful each one of them is. The Midnight garden is quite a strong deep blue, not as light as here, also Washed ashore looks very deep orange colour and the last one in top row, Magenta Madness is probably the only pink eyeshadow I actually like! It's a great pink shades and actually fits a lot of looks :)

Bottom row has three shimmery and three matte shades, also two of my favorite shades from the whole palette! I am in love with Sand Walker, the second and Moors treasure, the last one. They are simply gorgeous in their own way and I love using them just like that, all over my lids with maybe some eyeliner and that's all. :)

This palette also has two bluish - minty - turquoise shades in Aquamarine and Summer Breeze, and the shimmery Humming bird. I like to use Aquamarine a lot, it's a very beautiful colour and very summery :) I feel like summer is the only time of year when these shades fit better than anything else I am usually wearing :)

To wrap it all up - I admit I have fallen head over heels in love with this one and I actually don't like light pastel like shades.. I guess in summer I feel like I need the change and this palette gave me just that! The texture of all of the shades is smooth, only the shimmery ones feel a bit softer. They are all well pigmented and last very well ( I use my ArtDeco eyeshadow base). So to all of you who are looking for a perfect combination of shades for summer - I would really recommend you to get this one, if you can :) In one palette you get from matte to shimmery shades, from deep, dark ones to pale light ones :) You can create a lot of summery light looks or even autumn and spring  looks with just one palette. If you already have it - do you like it? Do you use it?

P.S. For Slovenian readers - this product is still available at, in case you really like it :)

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful :)

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Sleek palete so ene mojih najljubših :) Ta mi na prvi pogled sicer ne izgleda ravno my cup of tea, samo swatchi so pa čudoviti, super barve za poletje :)

    1. Ja js sm z vsemi 4imi ki jih imam zelo zadovoljna, pa še ene 2 imam na wishlisti :) Ko pogledam tole kot celo me tudi ne prepriča, potem ko sm gledala pa swatche sem se pa čist zaljubila :D


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