Monday, July 1, 2013

Preview: Catrice for Fall 2013 - NEW Lips Collection


Hello! So todays post will be a great news to all lip products lovers! Here is already a preview of new lip products from Catrice for Fall 2013 and oh boy, there is sooo many new goodies!!!

Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm - Jumbo Chic – make a sparkling appearance with the new Pure Shine Colour Lip Balms. The creamy, super-soft texture pampers your lips with moisture and leaves behind a smooth, shiny finish. Instead of a sticky sensation, your lips are provided with plenty of care and a pleasant fragrance. Jumbo Lipsticks are the beauty must-have of the season because they don’t just look chic, they’re super practical, too! They fit into even the smallest handbag and the twistable mine makes application extremely easy. Available in eight shades including natural-looking nudes, subtle rosés, bright and trendy “look at me” shades and the classics red and pink. Available in shades My cherry berry, Don’t think just pink, Rusty in Peace, Rose & Woody, Sheers, I don’t red it, Go flamingo go and Cherry-ty.I am not sure if the names of the shades are in order or not, so sorry but I can not guarantee you that info is correct. :)

Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour - Beautiful colour and a multi-facetted, brilliant shine. The innovative Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour is a true beauty hybrid: on the one hand, a gloss with a light gel-like texture, on the other hand a super creamy lipstick with medium colour-dispersion. Chapped lips are a thing of the past, the present is looking bright and beautiful! In the look of the Ultimate Shine Lip Colour range and available in a total of eight colours. Available in shades Love’s Di-wine, Red or bad, Orangina, Don’t fear the sheer, Upside brown, Don’t pink and drive, License to pink, Russian Violette.

Ultimate Shine Lip Colour – The Ultimate Shine lipsticks make a great impression with their creamy, soft texture. Sometimes plain, sometimes shimmering, they caress your lips and provide intensive moisture with a medium coverage. Available in a total of eight colours, inspired by the current catwalk trends, now also in a new flamingo pink. Available in Yes we can-dy – flamingo pink.

Ultimate Colour Lip Colour More than just lip service: the highly-pigmented, intensive colours skilfully turn your lips into true eye-catchers. The smooth and creamy texture is long-lasting and pampers your lips. With a choice of matt or shimmering, the finish is in line with the Autumn/Winter trends 2013/2014. The range is now complemented by a matt magenta as well as two pearly nuances. Available in a total of 16 colours. New in Matt-erial girl, Star rust and Sweet Coraline.

Long Lasting Lip Pencil – The Longlasting Lip Pencil sets colour limits, prevents lipstick from streaking and guarantees intensive colour results. The long-lasting, waterproof texture is smooth yet allows an accurate application. Practical: the wooden pencils fit comfortably in your hand and can be sharpened effortlessly when needed. Available in a total of 12 perfectly aligned colours to go with the current Lip Colour range by Catrice. Available in Walnut grove, Hey macadamia ahey, Berryson Ford, An the cherry on the top, Red lip district, The perfect pinkini, I got you babe!, That’s what Rose Wood do!, Reach the peach, Upper brown side, Tom and Berry and Mauve in the right direction.

So... now you can also expect new range changes also in the nails and foundation section... and also a list of products that will be leaving :) So keep in touch for all the fantastic new products that are yet to come and start saving money ;)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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  1. Like how there are so many different lip liner colours. Most ranges have a red, pink and brown but theres a really wide choice in this range


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