Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Preview: Alverde - African Soul LE

Hello everyone! I've been absent for some time now and I'm coming back with a new ost, this time I'm going to show you the new Alverde limited edition, called African soul :) Let yourself be carried away by the warm earth tones and bright colors and look like kissed by the sun. :) This one will be available from August to September 2013 :)

Backed, marmor eyeshadow - The warm earth tones combined with bright green or shimmering gold lend the eye a certain something! The baked texture is delicate and intense, shimmering accents on the eyelids and makes for bright moments. Available in no. 10 Trees and Desert, no. 20 Mountains and Ocean and no.30 Rocks and sand. All are vegan.

Duo lipstick - The Duo Lipsticks with vibrant colors and magical luminosity for  charming lips. The colors may be applied individually or in combination. The duo lipstick is available in the following colors: African Life no. 10, no. 20 African African and no.30 Soul Magic. None are vegan.

Lipgloss - The unique texture nourishes the lips with organic shea butter, organic almond oil and organic Goji berry extract, intense and immersed them in rich colors. Available in colors no. 10 Wildlife, no. 20 Rose Terra and no.30 Natural Tan. None are vegan.

Cooling concealer - Enriched with nourishing organic shea butter and moisturizing organic Aloe Vera Cooling concealer instantly makes your eyes more fresh redness disappears visually. Light-reflecting pigments provide an even complexion. Available in no. 10 Natural Savanna and no.20 Desert Beige. Both are vegan.

Shimmer bronzing powder and African powder -
The shimmering bronzing powder (left) is available in colors no. 10 Sunset Glow and no.20 Rising Sun. Casts a radiant complexion like kissed by the sun and bring back the long-awaited summer tan.

The delicate powder (right) with natural color pigments gives your complexion a soft, naturally tanned look. With nourishing shea butter. The powder is available in one color no. 10 African Earth. The shimmering bronzing powder no.10 is not vegan, the African Powder is. :)

Bronzing stick - The silky-smooth bronzing stick is shimmering highlights on the skin and provides a natural-looking, fresh tan. The gentle formula contains nourishing shea butter. The stick is available in colors no. 10 Gold Rush and no.20 Bronzing Heat. Both are not vegan.

My opininon - hmmm.. I kinda like it! I know we already had so many summer like limited editions with similar colour choices, but I really like products from Alverde in general and I'm looking forward to get this into our stores.. Personally I would like to check out the duo lipsticks, even thou they are in more neutral and nude colours. I kinda hope for a nice browny shade, I've been looking for a nice browny lipstick for some time now. I know brown is kinda 90's style, but still I want one really nice shade for fall and winter time :) I just hope they are not too shimmery... Also interested in shimmer bronzing powder and bronzing stick, maybe I'll get one of these two, it's past time I learn how to use these products and whether they even suit me. I don't know if I'll get a bronzer from this collection, maybe I'll buy some from the regular collection, but they are still worth checking out :)

What about you? Anythign you like?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Senčila so mi lepa, ampak jih ne rabim več. Tudi kaka šminke izgledajo zanimivo. Puder in bronzing stick mi pa delujeta pretemna zame.

    1. Ja senčila so tudi meni lepa, samo jih mam že tako preveč... Se bojim da bodo šminke razočaranje, preveč svetleče.. Puder in bronzer pa bomo videli ja, zame bodo tudi verjetno pretemn.. mogoče bo kak odtenek dovolj svetel :)

  2. Me zanima kakšni bodo korektorji... :D

    1. Ja mene tudi, samo se bojim da bodo preveč tekoči in premalo prekrivni... verjetno bodo super za tiste ki nimajo hudih podočnjakov :)


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