Thursday, August 1, 2013

NEW in July :)

Hello! Another month has passed very fast! And a hot one! How is everyone holding up? Having some time off and enjoying yourself or still at work? I had a bit too much time off and now a lot of work is waiting for me :S Anyway, some of it is quite pleasant and I am very much looking forward to it! Here are my new products that I bought in July :)

- Balea Magic Summer bodylotion for selftanning, normal to dark skin
- Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil with coconut, SPF 6
- SunDance Sensitive sun balsam, SPF 30
- Balea Protective spray for hair
- Ebelin Antistatic Wooden Hairbrush
- Ebelin Make up + concealer brush
- Nubian heritage, African Black Soap
- Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in three shades - 45, 70 and 40
- Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in 18 Pearl Plum
- Deborah Euphoric Shine lipgloss in shade 12
- Essence, Tribal Summer LE, lipstick in shade Na Rock
- Essie nail polish in shade Smokin' Hot
- Catrice Smokey eyes set in shade 050 Love, Peas & Harmony

I needed something new for sun protection and I had DM store bonuses so I got myself SunDance sun balsam with SPF 30, which I consider high enough for my body. Years before I was always usign SunDance transparent spray also with the same SPF, but I never really used up the bottle, because I was so rarely out in the sun at all. So in one year time, till next season the spray always oxidizes and all you can smell is alcohol, and I had to throw away an almost full bottle. Anyway a product that has been open for a year never has 30 SPF, because of the chemical reactions that make it less ( I don't know how to explain correctly..). I like this one, it doesn't have any scent, it's sensitive after all,  easy to blend and doesn't leave greasy feeling on the skin. For hair I wanted to try a product against the sun and salty water and such - so I got myself this Balea Sonnensczhutz spray, but it doesn't say how much SPF does it have, if any? Anyway, it's a good balsam at least :)

Because I didn't want to be milk white I wanted to try this self tanning balsam, I've read some really good recommendations for this Magic Summer. Anyway, I only wanted to use it on legs, and if using like it says on the back I really got a tiny bit of golden colour, but looking really natural, like I got in the sun unintentionally. The Dry Oil by Hawaiian Tropic is  a great oil that smells great, especially if you love the smell of coconut! Anyway I didn't get this one with intention to protect my skin from the sun, but just as an body oil for my legs, because I tend to have a bit more dry skin there. And this really makes my skin looking soft and glowy and it feels nice too :) But it's oil afetra ll and it does feel greasy for a couple of minutes until it dries :)

I was looking for a product that is known to really help clean skin with blemishes and pimples, so I got this African Black Soap from iHerb and the results are already visible on my face! I am not sure if it is only the soap or also Bioderma Sebium AKN cream ( I have a couple of testers), but after I use this soap my face is not looking greasy for a couple of hours and this in this crazy hot weather!

I am preparing a huge post about my makeup brushes and I will include also this new one from Ebelin. I got this one because I thought it would maybe be good to apply my new Revlon Nearly Naked foundation.. it does it's job quite good, but I still know how to use my fingers better than this brush and hmm... it's gonna take some more practice :) Also newis this Ebelin Wooden brush. I borrowed a friends one a couple of days ago and I loved how my hair looked after using a wooden brush not a plastic one, so I immediately went ot get myself one too! I will not write a whole post about a brush, but I definitely recommend it to all with long straight hair, because for those it will be the most easy to use :)

For lips I have three new products :) Deborahj Euphoric Shine in shade 12 is the last shade from the range that I liked and didn't have yet. I have already posted about the other five shades I have, and this one fits in the descriptions of those, so I will not write a separate post about it :) You can check the older post here - Review&Swatches: Deborah - Euphoric Shine lipglosses . Also new is this Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in shade Pearl Plum, this is my third shade I have and I really love these glosses. In about a week or two we will have the new range of these glosses here in Slovenia, with new round packaging instead of the square one and with a couple of new shades :) Third is from Essence LE Tribal Summer, a red lipstcik perfect for summer in shade Na Rock. It's easy to apply, very smooth feeling and unfortunately it doesn't last long, but I like the feel and the stain it leaves and the texture... Not one to be easy built up either, I had to try several times to make it more lasting. Anyway for those who love red lippie - I really recommend this one!

And for nails this month only one nail polish, my first Essie nail polish ever! I got this one second hand from a girl taht only swatched it once, didn't like it and never use it again. It's quite a tricky colour to photograph, it's not really gray, not taue, not violet-y but it is at the same time... 
For eyes I got myself this great Catrice smokey eyes set, in shade 050 Love, Peas & Harmony. This one is going to be discontinued very soon, so I suggest you grab it fast, if you can. I already got it on sale for 1,99e :) I love greenish eyeshadows and I think it's a great colour to fit brown eyes in any season, spring, summer, autumn, even winter :P Also I got myself three Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr cream eyeshadows, I got shades 40 Permanent Taupe, 45 Infinite White, 70 Metallic Pomegranate. I know the hype on Slovenian and other blogs has been huge, maybe still is about these shadows - but I was always sceptical because Maybelline never offers products that work for me and cream eyeshadows just never really worked on me. Than I saw Lisa Eldridge use Permanent taupe in one of her videos, and I was immediately thinking - Ok, this must really be good or she would not use it. I checked the web for swatches and fell in love with a lot more colours than just Permanent taupe! And this actually works for my greasy eyelids too! Yeeey, happy hippo dance! Finally a gel - cream eyeshadow that works  and looks great on me! But more in detail about them in a nother post ;)

So this is all, quite a lot again.. I know!! I spend too much lately on cosmetics :P I hope I'll manage to write about these and previous stuff soon enough :) Let me know if there is a product you would like me to review first, so I can make a list when  I'll write about a certain product :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Zelo všečni izdelki:) Hehe, imaš prav, če uporablja Lisa Eldridge potem je ziher dobro in ta color tatto je res super:)

    1. Hvala :) Ja res sem zadovoljna z vsemi tremi tatujčki, res so dobri :)

  2. African black soap moram obvezno sprobat, tole moje svetenje na obrazu ni več za nikamor. Drugače pa same dobre pridobitve :)

    1. Hvala ;)Ja tole milo meni kar pomaga, ga kar priporočam :)


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