Friday, August 16, 2013

Catrice - L'Afrique, c'est chic LE - So classy nail lacquer ;)

Hello everyone! Today I have a very short post for you and it's about this super cute nail lacquer by Catrice - 01 So classy. I think it might be still available in some stores in Slovenia, since it came in a limited edition L'Afrique, c'est chic (click on the blue link to see the preview).

So I only got myself one shade, this earthy brown one, the rest seemed so regular... I am kinda into brown and beige shades lately, already looking at a brown lipstick from the new Catrice collection :P So.. about the nail polish - it's not the usual glossy finish like polish, but it gives a sand effect.  Basically it's a mix of colour and glitter, and a good one. You can achive an even application with one swipe, the whole nail will be covered with just enough colour and glitter :) I really love the finish, it feels like touchig the sand :P

On the sunlight it looks a bit lighter because of the glitter parts. So the bonuses of this one are the great creamy browny colour, the sand finish, the glitter. Which is not hard to remove, only needed my regular nail polish remover and cotton pads. So the big minus here is.... the longivety -  it's terrible. At least for me, on me... Nail polishes never last on me even if I don't do the dishes or anything like that.. but this one, even with the top coat, or base and top coat - simply starts to crumble down the same day as I applied it. In a couple of hours I have at least three nails with chipped off nail polish. And once it starts it simply goes off really fast. I think it's because of the big glitter parts that makes it crumble more easily.. I'm not sure.

Anyway - do I recommend this one? Yes and no. Yes if you fall in love with the colour and the finish and the feel on your hands. And if you have a better top coat than me :P No, if you can't stand chipped off nail polish...

Thanks for reading! Hope this was helpful :)

Love, UniqaPoly


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