Sunday, August 18, 2013

1 year for UniqaPoly!

Hello everyone! Today is UniqaPoly's first birthday ever! One year ago, on 18. august 2012 I wrote and published my first post here. And today I'm publishing my 164th post!!!! Yeeey! I want to thank you all for your support, time and all the interest :) I hope this blog was interesting and useful to you! I also hope I will be able to improve it even more in the year that comes :) Thank you all again for everything! :))))

At the moment of writing  my post:
1 - year
21 -  more posts in one month - September 2012
43 - GFC followers
44 - followers on Bloglovin
164 - posts
168 -  likes on Facebook
1047 - most viewed post : Make up trends for Fall 2012
2538 - referring sites -
5896 - most views of my page from - Slovenia
9607 - most used browser - Chrome (34%)
21921 - most used operation system - Windows (79%)
27996 - views of my page all together

Thank you all again  for every comment, like, follow, for your time and support! I hope you will like this blog in the future and also keep coming back for more make up :P

Love, UniqaPoly


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