Saturday, August 3, 2013

Preview: Catrice - Eve in Bloom LE :)

Hello again! Here's another preview of another tempting fall limited collection, this time it's Catrice Eve in Bloom!
Catrice team says: "Lavish bouquets of flowers: colourful foliage and warm light in the park, millfleurs and XL prints on the international catwalks. Floral fantasies ranging from authentic to stylised upon flowing dresses, blouses and headbands. In September 2013, let’s celebrate the magnificence of autumn with the Limited Edition “Eve in Bloom” by CATRICE. The colour scheme is reminiscent of a fresh bouquet of bright red and coral shades as well as autumnal purple in its most beautiful facets. The sensual beauty collection with feminine, decorative flower prints offers many novelties such as the Loose Moisturizing Highlighter with light-reflecting pigments, the self-adhesive Nails in Bloom foils or the colour-intensive Lip and Cheek Creams. Say it with Flowers – by CATRICE."

Eve in Bloom by CATRICE – Soft Duo Eyeshadow - Garden Eden. Three versions, two perfectly aligned colours, one convincing result. The pressed powder eyeshadows with a soft texture offer intensive colour with or without shimmer pigments for a natural daytime look. Subtle nude with earthy brown, bright grass green and mysterious moss green as well as two berry shades in violet and purple with gorgeous packaging. Two tones for a true Eve in Bloom. Available in C01 Bloomynous, C02 Beauty Bouquet and C03 Bed of Flowers. Around €3,79*. 

Eve in Bloom by CATRICE – Powder Kajal - Gentle World. Two limited colours – anthracite and purple – emphasise your eyes with their powdery finish and are a perfect match for the Soft Duo Eyeshadows. The gentle tip of the Powder Kajals works particularly cautiously and feels wonderfully pleasant on your skin. Ideal for the sensitive area around the eyes. These practical wooden pencils can be sharpened with ease to guarantee an accurate application. Available in C01 The Flower Of Love and C02 Floralilac. Around €1,99*.

Eve in Bloom by CATRICE – Lip and Cheek Cream - Snow White turns Rose Red. Give yourself a touch of colour with the Lip and Cheek Creams. The creamy texture is easy to spread and blend on your cheeks, and it won’t dry out your skin. For soft and flowery results. A perfect duo that is sure to find room in even the tiniest handbag. Available in C01 Blossom Me, Blossom You, C02 Rosebuddy and C03 Bed Of Flowers. Around €3,99*.

Eve in Bloom by CATRICE – Loose Moisturizing Highlighter - Time to Blossom. This ultra-silky loose powder with light-reflecting pigments can be applied to both your face and your neckline for a subtle shimmer. The soft powder helps your skin retain its moisture and leaves behind a gorgeous look with a natural glow. Thanks to the Loose Moisturizing Highlighters, your complexion is sure to blossom this autumn! Available in C01 Bloomynous. Around €5,49*.

Eve in Bloom by CATRICE – Nails in Bloom Foil - Prints Charming. The self-adhesive nail foils with artistic flower designs conjure-up floral nail styles without the need for nail polish. Simply stick the foils on your nails, shorten accordingly with a nail file and your professional nail style is done. Giving yourself the gift of flowers has never been this lovely! Available in C01 Nails In Bloom. Around €2,29*.

Eve in Bloom by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Lacquer - Touch of Roses. Ultimate long-lasting texture, ultimate coverage, ultimate brilliance and ultimate packaging. The Ultimate Nail Lacquer now comes in a floral design for this Limited Edition and is available in five unique colours from nude to purple to red and coral. Whether with or without shimmer effects, these polishes create a special highlight on your nails. Available in C01 Bloomynous, C02 Floralilac, C03 Bed of Flowers, C04 Rosebuddy and C05 Blossom Me, Blossom You. Around €2,79*.

My opinion - I really like the colour choice! The eyeshadows are all very tempting, but I really should not buy any more.. already have a couple of similar shades. Both eyeliners look really good too, any I like both colours :) The second lip&cheek pot is the best of the three, the most red one.. will see how the pigmentation really turns out. As for nails - nahh.. nothing here for me.. Anything you guys like here? I also like the promo photos a lot, they look soo .. tempting :D

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Eyelinera bi kar oba imela in pa rdečo & vijolčno lip&cheek tint, vijolično zato ker še nobene nimam :D

    1. Meni so vsi trije lip&cheek všeč, samo se mi zdi da bo prvi presvetel, vijolični pa ne bo pasal na mojo ten...? Will see :) Ja, eyelinerja sta pa oba lepa ;)

  2. Dost kul kolekcija, bi mela kar nekaj stvari...:) vijolično barvico, kak blush, highlighter pa ta umazano roza lakec :)


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