Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Preview: Essence - Be Laud! LE

Hello! Another preview for you - also by Essence, another limited edition. This one is called "Be laud!" :)

Essence team says:"Shy, timid, restrained? Quite the opposite! With the new essence trend edition “be loud!”, the name says it all in September 2013. Calling all beauties to be loud, be free – be you! Today’s generation of girls is independent, strong and assertive. And this power needs to be expressed with a cool look, too! Camouflage prints and expressive colours are all the rage. Bright pink, purple, orange and apricot meet upon hip olive, stone, gold and black in these trendy products: three duo eyeshadows with two colours each and various effects, cool jumbo eye and lip products, two multicolour blushes with a camouflage design, individual nail styles with expressive nail polish colours, a trendy graffiti topper and an awesome nail art set. And to keep all these awesome products close at hand, there’s a practical cosmetics bag with a zipper and a camouflage design. Shout out – be loud – with essence!"

essence be loud! – eyeshadow
Dynamic duo! In a class of their own: each of the duo eyeshadows offers two colours as well as different effects ranging from shimmering to metallic. The three nuances beige-gold, olive-green and stone-grey create revolutionary eye make-up styles! Available in 01 riot grrr-een, 02 like a stone in the wall and 03 rock the block.

essence be loud! – jumbo eye pencil
Express yourself… the waterproof and smudge-resistant jumbo eye pencil in a hip stone-grey shade is super practical since you can use it as an eyeshadow and as an eyeliner for a multitude of individual make-up looks. Available in 01 I’m all riot.

essence be loud! – multi colour blush
Multicolour – multistyles! This blush has a creamy, fine texture and consists of three perfectly aligned shades in apricot-orange and rose-pink. A fresh complexion is guaranteed! And thanks to the cool camouflage embossment, this blush is sure to be a true eye-catcher. Available in 01 ap-ri(c)ot and 02 pink me.

essence be loud! – nail art set
Be proud of nail art designs of a special kind – and they’re quick and easy, too! This versatile set consists of our duo stylist and design stencils to conjure-up an ultimate camouflage look on your nails. Wow! Available in 01 totally camouflage.

essence be loud! – cosmetic bag
Camouflage cosmetics! This stylish zipper cosmetics bag is the perfect place to store the products from this trend edition. A practical must-have for every purse! Available in 01 totally camouflage.

essence be loud! – jumbo sheer stick
Rebel girls… need the jumbo sheer stick! These sticks with medium coverage in bright pink and apricot conjure-up gorgeous colour on your lips, make them feel silky soft and add a beautiful shine. Play it loud! Available in 01 pink me and 02 ap-ri(c)ot.

essence be loud! – nail polish
Statement colours! The long-lasting nail polishes in purple, orange, olive-green and stone-grey in plain are extremely convincing with their wild camouflage shades and high coverage! For all girls who want to make a statement! Available in 01 riot@♥, 02 orange is the new black, 03 riot grrr-een and 04 like a stone in the wall.

essence be loud! – graffiti topper
Glitter graffiti! Self-assured designers top their nails with this unique combination of glitter in various colours, shapes and sizes for cool graffiti styles! Tip: the innovative topper looks awesome on top of lighter nail polish shades. Available in 01 not punky nor funky.

My opinion - I like only the jumbo eye pencil, looks like a product that can be very versatile. Also I like the olive-green nail polish, but I'll wait for swatches :) Otherwise this collection does not impress me, and I don't like any other product much... It's kinda odd for me not to like the lip products, but the shades just look too neon.. and I had bad experineces with lip pencils from Essence before... not tempted to try :) How about you? See anything you like? :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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