Thursday, August 29, 2013

NEW in August :)

Hello everyone! Another post from UniqaPoly, this time new products in August :) As you can see on the photo I have many new goodies :P Let's start with a list of everything new :)

- Fruit Of The Earth, Aloe Vera 100% gel
- Garnier, Ultimate beauty oil
- L'Oreal, Elseve Huile Extraordinaire, care oil for hair
- Balea, Vaseline
- Labello Lip butter, Vanilla&Macadamia
- Essence Tribal summer LE bronzing powder
- Catrice L'Afrique, C'est Chic LE, nail lacquer in 01 So classy
- Deborah Pret'a'porter nail polish in shades 36 and 37
- MeMeMe Beat the Blues, illuminator and highlighter, in shade Oyster Gold
- Essence XXXL shine lip gloss in shade 020 Wood Of Roses (on sale now, soon to be discontinued)
- Essence Longlasting lipstick in shade 04 on the catwalk!
- S-he Longlasting lip gloss in deep brown shade
- Wet'n'Wild eyeshadow trio in 335 Silent Treatment
- Sleek eyehsadow palette in Oh Sp Special , Sparkle 2  and Showstoppers

And also this week I got BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette Tropical matte eyeshadows and BH Berry set of brushes :) Haven't tried them yet, but I hope to do so soon :)

And here's some more photos of my newbies :)

I got Aloe Vera gel before going to sea side and I must say I loved using it as a daily moisturizer for face and also for body. A very versatile product. Mainly it's supposed to be used against skin burns from the sun, but I like the feeling on the skin. Usually I applied it on my face before going to bed and it definitely made my skin feel better, more moisturized than any face cream I had so far..

Also another favourite for this summer is Garnier Ultimate Beauty oil in this plastic spray bottle. Easy to apply, easy on the skin, not greasy, doesn't transfer on clothes :) And it smells really great! I love this one! :)

L'Oreal hair oil is still waiting it's turn, and I'm gonna open it when I finally finish my Alverde Argan&Almond hair oil. :)

Balea Vaseline is a simple product, meant for any skin type and for any purpose really. As a lip balm, as a moisturizer,... I plan to make this a base ingredient for my home made lip scrubs, so I expect this little pot to last me some really long time. Also maybe I'll try mix it into a home made lipgloss/lipstick or just simply a home made lip balm... still have to explore some more what will be good to mix together :)

Another product I was really happy to see in Slovenian store is this Labello lip butter! I saw this was available like more than 6 months ago in Germany and I really hoped it will be here too. .. Well it was worth the wait! I love this little pot! The scent of vanilla is amazing! And so far it nourishes the lips pretty good :)

MeMeMe liquid illuminator and highlighter - I just craved it, saw it on sale on local web store Lič and I had to try it! :) As for Essence bronzing powder - this is actually my first bronzer that I own and so far I like it.. I'm still learning the right application and most of all, how much to apply :)

As for nails.. I already talked about this Catrice one, So Classy, from their L'Afrique, C'est Chic LE here :) This one looked so great I simply could not wait to show it to you :) As for Deborah, I haven't tried any of these two yet, they are also the first ones from the mini Pret'a'porter that I have.. I hope they will be as good as GelLike ones, you can read about those here :)

For lips I got myself two lipglosses, both on sale. I was looking for lipsticks in brown shades, but all I could find that looked good was this S-he lipgloss and so far it has been an ok product. Still this is not quite what I really crave.. not completely the right shade. The second one is by Essence and it is going to be discontinued this fall... I had this one on my wishlist for a very long time, but it always looked kinda strange.. in stores. In real life it looks great and I've been wearing it almost every day since I got it!
The lipstick 04 on the catwalk! is from the Essence new range of lipsticks and comes in the same packaging as the Na-Rock one from Tribal Summer LE. I liked this shade best and after liking the Na-Rock one so much I kinda already knew this one will be a win too, just needed to check the shades in real. :)

And for eyes :) Yeey, finally got some of the palettes that I was wishing for more than a year! So I got Sleek Oh So Special and Sparkle 2 by second hand, from  some very nice girls on slovenian cosmetics forum ArsCosmetica :) Also as a gift I got Wet'n'Wild eyeshadow palette and I really like it! This is actually my first Wet'n'Wild product ever :) Also on Lič I ordered Showstoppers.. and.. oh I'm so happy :D I love all three Sleek palettes, they are all really good. But more about them in other posts. Now I only wish for two more XD Check out my wishlist here :)

So do you have any of the these items? Do you like them? Let me know which you would prefer to read about sooner :)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Ufff... to pa je cel kup novih reči. :D

    1. Hehe, ja sm šla mogoče mal overboard ta mesec, pa ravno ko sem rekla da bom šparala za jesenske kolekcije in novosti... :P

    2. Ah, jst grem usak mesec overboard, pa vsak mesec rečem, da moram šparat... :D

    3. Zmeraj si mislim zdj bom pa res bol šparala, pa podarila DM popustke komu drugemu etc... na koncu moram vse sama sprobat če ne nisem jst :P

  2. Super izbire. Tudi jaz si že dolgo želim Sleek paletk, pa nikoli ne pridem do njih:) Nominirala sem te za Versatile Blogger Award. Več si lahko prebereš tukaj:

  3. Ja zdaj so imeli še neka znižanja na Lič, se splača mal pogledat :) Najlepša hvala za nominacijo :) Super si!

  4. Same čudovite stvari! Sleek paletke so ene mojih najljubših pa same fajn si izbrala :)

    1. Hvala :) Ja Sleek mi je trenutno res najboljša zmanka za senčila :)

  5. krasne stvarčice, dobar izbor :D
    moram si nabaviti ovo garnier ulje :D

    1. Hvala :) Da tole Garnierovo olje je res fajn! Sem že omenila da diši božansko? :D

  6. Replies
    1. Jaa.. mehek, lepo se maže, lepo se vpija, diši božansko! Upam da kdaj prideta k nam še Kokos in Kakav verziji, to bi tudi sprobala :)

  7. Wow, so many lovely thingies! I love the wet 'n wild and sleek eyeshadows!

    1. Thanks :) Yes, at the end of the month I really had a lot of newbies :P :D


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