Thursday, August 15, 2013

Preview: Catrice - Thrilling Me Softly LE :)

 Hello again! I've been absent for some time now and I'm really sorry for that guys :) I'm starting again in writing more regularly today with a new preview of Catrice limited edition Thrilling Me Softly :)

Belles Rebelles. A rebellion on a mission to create new paths and more passion in the world of fashion. A reunion with gothic culture is developing into an exciting encounter. Catwalks are covered in leather and lace. Graceful, mysterious and feminine. Black dominates the field in a modern interpretation combined with bright reds as well as soft rosé and nude shades. Highlights are set in a cool gold and purple. The Limited Edition “Thrilling me Softly” by CATRICE translates this trend into the language of beauty. Eyes, lips and nails are accentuated with partially metallic and partially matt effects as well as soft textures from mid September until October 2013. The innovative Lace Patch Eyeliners in an artistic lace design are already considered THE beauty must-have of the coming Autumn season. Gothic Chic – by CATRICE.

Thrilling me Softly by CATRICE – Cat Eyes Eyeliner Pen

The Black Sea. This Cat Eyes Eyeliner Pen knows the secret effect of beautiful cat eyes. With its extra-broad felt-tip mine in Deep Black, it ensures expressive eyeliner in an elegant Gothic look. The compact size sits comfortably in your hand. Available in C01 Deep Black. Around €3,49*.

Thrilling me Softly by CATRICE – Smooth Blush Stick

More Drama, please! The premium blush stick with a practical twistable mine is ideal to emphasize your cheekbones with a strong red or pink. The super soft texture is easy to blend, builds coverage with each application and feels lovely and light on your skin. For a fresh complexion – even when you’re out and about. Available in C01 Feverish and C02 Daredevil. Around €4,49*.

Thrilling me Softly by CATRICE – Better Than False Lashes Mascara UB

Femme Totale. Minimum effort – maximum effects. The new Better than False Lashes Mascara Ultra Black has a triple volume brush to ensure dramatic volume, ultimate length and extreme curl. For ultra-black lashes with a false lashes effect and a sensational look. Also available in the standard range in C01 Ultra Black. Around €4,49*.

Thrilling me Softly by CATRICE – Absolute Eye Colour Trio

Colour Secrets. Soft powder eye shadow with three shades each, perfectly aligned in harmony for wearable looks. Each trio offers matt and shimmering effects – for multifaceted colour gradients. Available in a stylish lace design in C01 Soft Thrill and C02 Gentle Thrill. Around €3,79*.

Thrilling me Softly by CATRICE – Wet Shine Stain Lip Lacquer

Strong Signal. This beauty hybrid is as light as a gloss and as colour-intense and shiny as lacquer. Applied only once, its texture tints your lips to ensure long lasting, brilliant results. Now in a limited soft nude as well as two stronger pink/red shades. Available in C01 Innocent, C02 Thrilling and C03 Fatal. Around €3,99*.

Thrilling me Softly by CATRICE – Lace Patch Eyeliners

Show Effects. The Lace Patch Eyeliners offer the finest in eye-couture. These accurately symmetrical objects of art in a lace look are self-adhesive and guarantee an impressive appearance. Simply apply above the crease of your eyelid or underneath your lower lash line. For an exciting eyeliner look that won’t smudge. Available in C01 Deep Black. Around €2,99*.

Thrilling me Softly by CATRICE – Ultimate Nail Lacquer

Shades for Nails! In addition to its ultimate long lasting texture and coverage, the Ultimate Nail Lacquer also offers the most gorgeous Thrilling-me-Softly shades: nude, cool gold, purple as well as two versions of red. And the lace design on the packaging is simply divine. Available in C01 Discreet, C02 Suspect, C03 Occult, C04 Allure and C05 Daredevil. Around €2,79*.

My Opinion - I like this one! Personally I would go for the volume mascara with added diamont powder. I expect it will be similar to my L'Oreal Diamantissime mascara, so with added glitter :) Eyeliner might be very good too, but I need to see the aplicator first to see if it will really work for me or not.. Lip lacquer in the red shade might be very good, but I need to get my hands on a tester to see the texture of the product. Also the lace patch eyeliner look like a great plus on the whole party look, so I might get them. I really love the promo photos of two nail polishes, the deep burgundy red and the plummy one, I hope they will be as dark in real as they look on the photos. So these are my favourites for now from this limited edition. I like the whole collection, but maybe I'll get myself one or two pieces :) How about you? Do you like this one?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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