Thursday, August 1, 2013

New accessories for summer time ;)

Hello again! This short post will be presenting some new accessories of mine :) I haven't been making jewelry or any other DIY projects in a while, except for DIY projects in the "kitchen cosmetics", such as body scrubs, creams, oils etc... But I did a bit of shopping this summer season and I wanted to share with you some really nice new finds :)

First off is this summer hat, I got at Charles Vögele store. It's brown and with a little ornament in the front :) It's made of 100% paper yarn and it should not be washed or ever near water! It's a very light hat and it's nice to wear it :) I decided I needed a hat because I had some really serious headaches since the sun became really cruel in July and I didn't want to risk another migraine, and also I wanted to find something that will fit my hair, my face and my skin colour :) Normally I wear black, blue or green, so I knew brown would be the best option for me :)

Another new iteam is this leather bracelet. It's black and purple at the same time :) I got it as a gift from my bf at a MetalDays festival and I really love the simplicty of it! It just looks so nice and fits anywhere really :)

And another bracelet, but this one is actually anklet :) I love wearing anklets in summer, usually just one on my right ankle :) I know it's kinda shiny and all, but summer is just perfect for such things :) I got this one from Accessories, you know the ones that are available almost everywhere, especially in Muller stores :)

And last is this pair of earrings in a gorgeous green colour :) They are small, but still a bit heavy. Anyway, I fell in love with the green and I just had to have them! Also from Accessories :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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