Saturday, August 24, 2013

Clothing&Shoes&Accessories - Fall/Winter 2013 Wishlist :)

Hello everyone! Another wishlist post from UniqaPoly :) I'm not a big fashion enthusiast or anything like that, I like to  wear simple stuff, with a little something. :) So I was checking H&M site and I found some really interesting pieces. I will still have to try them on and see if they fit me well, and some won't ever really be available in Slovenia, even thou the page says that it is. Dunno where they hide stuff but when I actually get to the stores and check several of them most of the things I like online are nowhere to be found... anyway, back to my wishlist. Here's some pieces I would really like to try on :) So I'll start with clothing and such from H&M and than add some shoes and accessories tha I like from Deichmann...

Many argue that products from H&M and such similar stores are not worth the money or are not really that good quality. As for me, I have learned that some things may just turn out to be a really good product if you actually check what you are buying. :) So I make my wishlist and than  once I hold the product in my hands I can really decide whether I like it and if it fits and whether or not the price is acceptable :)

Top with lace sleeves , in dark gray

- Jersey Top , in black

- Tie blouse , in white

- Beaded sweatshirt , in dark grey

- Flare Low Jeans , in dark grey

Chiffon dress , in black

- Wraparound dress , in red (but here only the black version is available so.. this will remain wishlist...)

- Pleated skirt , in black

- Imitation leather biker jacket, in burgundy

- Corduroy jacket, in dark blue
- Jacket in a wool blend , in black

- Scarf with fringe trims, in powder beige

Deichmann, shoes

- Deichmann, Black and white bag

- Deichmann, hand bag, can't decide which one I like more.. I already have the same one in black and grey combination.. I really like the shape and size :)

- Deichmann, Boots with heels 

- Deichmann, Boots with heels

- Deichmann, black sheos with full heels

- Deichmann, Black small bag

- H&M, Ankle boots, in black

 - Deichmann, little cosmetic bag

Wow, a lot of pretty stuff, a lot of cravings. Actually I will probably get myself one or two, max three of the items that I am currently liking. And of course there will be other stuff that I'll end up liking once in the store and they might just turn out to be better than the ones I have picked out at the moment... the only item I really can't get my eyes off at the moment is the beaded sweater from H&M, something so simple about it and cute at the same time... :D

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Uf kar precej lepih kosov oblačil za jesen :) bo potrebno v trgovine :)

    1. Hja... kar preveč, pol dejansko zmanjka časa vse obleči ko se enkrat navadim na moj standarni vsakdanji izbor :)


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