Monday, July 1, 2013

Preview: Catrice - L'Afrique C'est Chic LE

Hello again! Another preview and another post from UniqaPoly :) This time Catrice is presenting new limited edition for late summer - early autumn months, called L'Afrique C'est Chic :)

Catrice team says: "African appeal: colourful, traditional, exotic. Designers are discovering the new AFROdisiac – a journey into the African fashion culture. Folkloristic and colourful with bold influences of the next generation. The diversity of patterns is the central element. Tribal, Zulu and animal prints are all the rage in this summer’s collections and great designers are using them in flowing, elegant caftans as well as for feminine business looks. The designs by international fashion icons are as diverse as the contrasting landscapes of this beautiful continent. With an opulent palette of colours ranging from papaya to cinnabar to the iridescent blue of the ocean, the Limited Edition “L’Afrique, c’est chic” by CATRICE will be making a great impression this August and September 2013. Liquid metal eyeshadows with strong metallic effects, soft lip balms, a premium blush brush made of dense fine bristles as well as many other fabulous products translate the African trend into the language of beauty. Dreaming of Africa – by Catrice."

Liquid Metal Eyeshadow  - The soft powder eyeshadow with a decorative 3D relief structure can be applied moist or dry to ensure unique chrome effects and intensive colour results. Four shades including two warm earth tones and two bright colours can be mixed and matched as you please and are easy to blend. Available in C01 So Classy, C02 All real Gold, C03 Quel bleu turquoise and C04 Green Fashion.

Giant Kajal - This extra-broad Giant Kajal creates smokey eyes quickly and reliably. The creamy black texture is particularly easy to apply on your lids. By smudging it with your fingertips, you can achieve a trendy smudge effect for a super dramatic version of the smokey eyes look. Thanks to its compact pen-shape, the kajal is easy to hold. Available in C01 Black’s Beautiful.

Lip balm -  The lip balm with a gorgeous print design is a true all-rounder. It unites the soft, pampering characteristics of a balm with the subtle colour and shine of a lipstick for lips in perfection! Available in two shades, C01 Rouge, Bien Sûr – rusty red and C02 Extravagant – reddish brown.

Blush Bronze - This dual-talent consisting of a fine blush and a bronzing powder with perfectly aligned colours creates a naturally tanned look and a fresh complexion. A cool rosé offers ideal, harmonious colour results for blondes while a yellowish coral gives brunettes a touch of the African evening sun on their cheeks. Available in two shades, C01 Fresh demand and C02 Oh, Là, Là.

Blush Brush - The premium rouge brush with a transparent handle and an inset pattern is a special highlight of this Limited Edition. It doesn’t just look gorgeous, its fine, dense bristles ensure that the colour pigments in the blush can be applied smoothly and professionally with perfect results. The Blush Brush is the ideal counterpart to the Blush & Bronze.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer - The colour diversity of traditional African patterns combined with an unusual texture reminiscent of the rough surfaces of a steppe landscape. The results: five limited shades including earthy brown, bright turquoise, sunny yellow, cinnabar and orange with a rough, sandy finish. Available in C01 So Classy, C02 Quel bleu turquoise, C03 Sunny Side, C04 Rouge, Bien Sûr and C05 L‘Orange.

My opinion - very pretty limited edition! I am mostly interested in the lipsticks, I think the shades will be perfect for neutral and yellow toned girls, so probably both of them will be more suitable for those with warm skin tones. Or those with a tan ;) Also the eyeshadows look really gorgeous! Shiny, and smooth  - I can already imagine what the texture will feel like. I just can not decide on the shade - all four look great! Also the blush brush looks really promising :) I already have a powder and kabuki brush from Catrice and I really like both of them, so that makes me think this one could be really good too :) Also the browny nail polish looks interesting, will see how it turns out in real life :) I expect this will actually be available in September here in Slovenia, so by then there will be a lot swatches on german beauty blogs to help me decide :) What about you, anyone likes this collection?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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