Saturday, September 14, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Review & Swatches :)

 Hello again! So today I wanted to write a review for Maybelline Color Tattoo  eyeshadows.. and than I was thinking - who didn't buy these? And how many reviews of them have you already seen and read or even wrote? Too many probably :P So I decided not to write everything the long way, as I usually do and just confirm again and again how awesome these are! :D No really, they are worth the money, an actual good product for good price :)

I have three, shades 40 Permanent Taupe, 45 Infinite White, 70 Metallic Pomegranate. I like some other shades too, but I'm not sure they will get a turn if I buy them, I seem to get used to certain shades and don't use much of the other. 

Packaging  is simple glass pot with a twist off a lid, application can be made with your fingers or a brush, but for me it's more easy to use my fingers. Also, I can achieve a more even look using fingers :)

I think all in all there's ten different shades available, however, in Slovenian drug stores I saw only six, I think. Also I think it's a little bit cheaper to buy them in DM store than Muller. :)

As for shades, first I wanted to get myself  Permanent Taupe after seeing it on Lisa Eldridge. I know that the hype about these was going on for while when she posted her video using the shade, but than I was, ok, if she's using it it must be good! And when in the store, I couldn't resist two more shades :P Permanent taupe is a sort of a minky, pearly, lilacy shade, great for everyday, for work or for school, or just running errands. Infinite white is a great summer colour, a pearly white, my first white eyeshadow. Also has a slight white, silvery shimmer to it. When buying this one I imagined a look: white eyeshadow, black eyeliner, a little bit thick, black mascara, pin up red lipstick :D A perfect summer look and also quick to make. :) The last shade I have is Metallic pomegranate, dark reddish-brownish shade with golden shine :) I love this one the most, soo beautiful! I used it on MetalDays festival a lot, because of the great colour and also because it is easy to use and lasts very long!
Pigmentation of all of these is really good, one swipe is already enough, but you can build up some more :) 
As for super longlasting - yep, they are. I would not say 24hr, because I never wore them that long. But for 10 hours straight these stay put! No primer under at all, my greasy lids and these eyeshadows - it works! But don't be alarmed - it's easy to remove, I used my usual make up remover from Alverde and it did just fine.  :)

And swatches:

left to right: permanent taupe, metallic pomegranate, infinite white

Hope this was usefull to you and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. these are really pretty.. i love how you can use them as a base, eyeliner, or just a shadow.. no wonder why I own over 20 of these! ;D great swatches!

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    1. Thanks :) Wow, you have quite a collection! :D

  2. Looks perfect! Great idea to use them as eyeliner.

    1. Thanks :) And yes, they are good as an eyeliner too, especially the black shade, I still have to get my hands on that one, but I read some really great reviews for that one too! :)


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