Friday, August 25, 2017

Romantic love with L'Occitane - Roses et Reines en Rouge

Hello there! Any rose lovers here? I must admit that roses have been my favourite flowers for a long time. I would draw them, smell them, watch them grow and always wanted them as a present. Then somehow my preferences changed and I got more into tulips and they became my obsession. The love for roses however, still remains. It has morphed into love of rose scented products and one of them are definitely L'occitane ones. Their Roses collection has become quite famous and popular and this fall season we are getting another upgrade -  Roses et Reines en Rouge collection. I have had a chance to try out the hand cream from the collection and here are my thoughts about it!

I remember being in high school and obsessing over anything I could get my hands on that came from L'Occitane. Back then I was just starting my road down to cosmetics  and I was always impressed by the pure scents their products had. Therefore loving their collections really wasn't hard. Something about roses makes me think of home and safety. Maybe because we always had so many roses around the house? As for the scent goes - I have developed a sort of pickiness when it comes to that. I no longer follow blindly the rose tag or picture on the packaging. I want it to smell like real flowers. Not sweet, not artificial, not plastic and definitely not like other flowers. When I want a proper rose scent I immediately think of Melvita or L'occitane products. This hand cream offers just that - proper rose scent with a hint  of red berries. The scent of roses still prevails, but it's sort of supported by the fruity scent. 

The cream comes in the iconic packaging that we have gotten used to over the years - a tube with 30 ml inside. It looks small and it is convenient enough to travel with you or keep on your night stand, if you like. The cream is enriched with Shea butter, making it even more effective at caring for your hands. I've tried so many hand creams by L'occitane, I can honestly say I really love them! The classic Shea one for the dead of winter, the light scented ones for spring and summer and the warm scented one like this rose one for fall season!

The texture recipe has been perfected and this cream also resembles it's family members. Just light enough to sink into the skin in a matter of minutes, leaves the skin soft, not sticky at all. Lightly fragranced and soft skin is the end result! Would I recommend it to rose lovers? Most definitely!

The rose scent has been enriched with red berries, which makes it an unique combo I have not tried before. The fruity floral scent makes me think of long romantic walks or a warm, cozy bath. A must for all rose lovers! <3

You can purchase the hand cream on their page, the price for 30 ml is 8,10 euros. The collection Roses et Reines en Rouge includes body milk, shower gellip balm, eau de toilette.

Hope this review was helpful to you!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**PR product. My reviews are always based on my own experiences with the products.

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