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FAVOURITES June & July :)

Hey there! A super late favourites blog post is in order. The last one was a combo of May and June favourites, so I decided to cover most of the summer with a combo of June and July. Some summer inspired products, skincare and makeup I used for work as well as festivals and going out. Check my chosen ones out!

During hot summer months I was never seen outside without one of these three products or all of them at once. BioBaza Royal Sun Supertanning royal marmelade for bronze skin* surprised me - I like the texture, scent, feeling on the skin, sun kissed look on the skin. I can not properly say about the effects of it, as I never truly sunbathe. I used it mostly on my legs that never seem to get any tan and it did help me get a bit more colour there, but it's impossible for me to compare and say whether it was because of the product or just because I was out and on the sun. I included it mostly because of the already written reasons - I just love to use it on it's own, especially coming back from the beach as an after sun care. To protect my skin I mostly used Afrodita Cosmetics Sun Care KIDS sunscreen milk and sunscreen cream with SPF 30*, both water resistant. I used them all over as well as on my face and I must admit I quickly loved it! Both of these are almost completely empty now, but I think I will repurchase. The cream has a thicker texture, that needs more time to absorb, but is otherwise still light enough. The milk spray is perfection - super light, easy to spread and apply, no white streaks and no oily feeling, even though these two are water resistant. Great job, Afrodita!

Afrodita never stops to amaze me. I was using their products since childhood and as an adult, so many years later, I must say they have developed the brand really well. Latest new joiners to their products include some body lotion, a souffle and salt peeling. I was most interested in the lavender version, therefore Afrodita Cosmetics body souffle with argan oil and lavender essential oil was immediately on my wish list. The product was a little over 4 euros at Muller store, so it is affordable and it really is a suffle. the light texture makes it easy and fun to use, the scent is perfect combination of warm argan and fresh lavender. It smells more like argan, so it will suit best those who don't like lavender scent too much. My skin always feels super soft and nourished and the texture is super light, sinks into my skin fast. I wouldn't mind a hand cream with the same combo as well. Oriflame Love Nature Exfoliating Shower gel energising mint and raspberry* has been my go to shower gel when I felt like I needed something more, but not another aggressive scrub. This one smells fresh and fruity at the same time and offers just enough exfoliation to give my skin that soft feel and fresh pink look. I love that it's not too aggressive as my skin on my legs tends to be more dry. If I use products that include harsher scrub elements it never ends well. With this one I really feel super clean, but the skin is never dried out. Loved this on super hot summer days!

Skincare routine changed a bit. I included a couple of The Ordinary products into my daily routine as well as a couple of Oriflame products. Unfortunately the three products I tried from the ordinary didn't make the cut into my favourites, but the Oriflame ones definitely did! At the beginning of the summer I got to try out Oriflame Optimals Even Out Illuminating serum* along with daily and night cream from the same collection. I still use those two, but from  the three I loved the serum the most. I am sad to say it's already empty and used up, but that's just another indicator I really loved this. The texture is light, a bit watery. Feels light on the skin and has really great hydrating effect on me. It suited me even though I have oily skin, enlarged pores and acne. i could have used this under my makeup on hot summer days or as a night cream. A more in detail review will come soon! 
Oriflame Essentials Face scrub coconut water* is the second surprise product of the summer by Oriflame. I love anything coconut related and you will get me interested just with that. What kept my interest with this product is the texture that is just right for a face scrub without being too dense and too harsh. I use this on my body as well, especially on patched of dry skin. It smells nice as well and my skin responds well to it. The other face wash/scrub product I've been loving lately is L'Oreal Pure Clay Exfoliating cleansing gel. Good wash gel/scrub combination, but may be too abrasive to use on a daily basis. I usually go in with it when I feel like my skin and pores need more in depth cleaning. However, I do like it, the effect on my skin, but I don't think I'll repurchase it. It feels very similar to the face mask and I actually wonder if there is any difference really between the two. apart from the gel being a bit more fluid. Bentley Organic Skin Blossom Reviving Eye Cream for normal skin* is a natural product for under the eye area. I have started using such products regularly as they seem to improve my skin and the whole look. The texture is quite liquid and I only need a tiny bit, so a gentle press will do for both eyes. Sinks into the skin immediately, like before I even finish applying it under the second eye. has a gentle scent, but I like it. The effect on me is good as well, my under eye area looks less purple and blue and less tired all together.

I am sworn to the batiste dry shampoo but from time to time, I find others that work as well. This summer I loved AVON Advance Techniques Dry Shampoo*. I still used batiste one for really greasy hair, but for second day hair this one was great! I like the scent and the effect, though I can not use it a couple of days in a row, my hair are simply too greasy.  Also, there's no white residue on my dark brown hair, which I always count as a win! AVEO Papaya limonenduft nail polish remover pads were a repurchase. They are small, effective, smell nice and travel friendly. Will definitely buy them again when I travel next! Sudocrem special baby cream for preventing inflammation  is a life saver! Without this there's no way i can wear swimsuit as my skin tends to turn red after every shaving so this cream helped me out big time. Calmed down the inflammation and redness in a matter of hours or sometimes a couple of days, depends, how bad it got. A must have for me! K Pour karite hair styling pomade* surprised me. Thought it was gonna be too greasy, but it ended up a really good idea to apply on my dry hair ends. It's natural cosmetics with basic ingredients, but they work! I usually apply this on my second or third day hair, when my hair ends tend to turn dry and rough.

CATRICE Travelight Story LE nail lacquer C02 Skyline, C04 Salty Shimmer Sunset, C03 Deep Dark Waters need no more introduction. I have talked about these nail polishes so much this summer I don't want to repeat myself anymore. The shades are great! If you have a chance to buy them, go grab them! I met Pease this summer, at a blogger event and damn am I happy about it! Pease Cosmetics Mattifying make-up base* is one of the best mattifying primers I have tried so far. I have been using L'Oreal one religiously for over a year and this one is just as good. I love a nice thin base that allows me to apply foundation without it sinking into my enlarged pores and the matte effect is always a wanted bonus. Hope to repurchase soon! AVON Mark Magix HD Finishing Powder*  make my skin completely matte like no other powder in a long time. I have used Catrice, Essence and Bourjois lately but this one is on another level. It may have a bit of a white finish to it, so it will suit me better in fall and winter time, when i will have no tan left, but right now was pretty good to. used it lightly on my T zone and  shiny cheeks and it turned my skin matte in seconds. Finely milled, soft and silky finish! Freedom Makeup #ProArtist HD Pro Refills Pro Contour 02*  didn't seem like a good idea when I received it, but during summer I finally started to use it. With a bit of a tan this shade finally looked normal on me and now I really got used to it. The pigmentation is good, but not amazing, which makes it easier for beginners, if you accidentally apply too much. Last well on my skin and looks matte, which was a welcome effect. Body & Soul powder brush was one of the random summer purchases, though I have wanted a fluffy brush like this for a long time. It's really soft and washes well, keeping the shape and softness. Also easy to blend with it when I apply too much blush, for example. Worth the money, it was about 5 euros. I might try some more of their brushes in the future.

Lipsticks <3 I have worn a lot of purple shades this summer, as you can see. Pease  Artist Silky matt lip gloss in shade 707* is a perfect daily shade, a sort of flesh colour, so it looks warm and natural on me. The texture is great, as well as pigmentation, making this a nice matte liquid lipstick without it drying out my lips. Annemarie Borlind lip gloss in shade 22 Soft Pink*  is an everyday lip gloss that looks barely pink on the lips and could be applied during sleepwalking. I love the nice light texture, no stickiness or odd smell that usually accompanies natural cosmetics lip products. L.O.V FATALmuse liquid matte lipstick in shades 710 Secret Obsession and 790 Dark Revenge*  are both to die for. I love the shade Dark revenge best, perfect fall shade if you ask me. L'Oreal Lip paint Matte in shade 207 Wuthering purple I have worn a lot for everyday stuff, like work, going on meetings and such. It really brightens up my whole face so this is my new go to shade  when I'll need a pick me up. ArtDeco Ombre lipstick 33 Violet vibes was the love at first sight. I saw swatches at Sara's blog and I couldn't resist! It's just gorgeous!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products, marked with *  were sent to me for review purposes!

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  1. Avonov suhi šampon je tudi meni bolj za drugi dan. Ni niti približno Batiste, je pa fajn da ne pušča belih sledov :).
    Paese izdelki so me pozitivno presenetili. Sploh ta tekoča šminka mi je res všeč. Čeprav primer me ni navdušil. Jaz sem po njem še vedno mastna čez par ur. Čudno.
    Čudovit nabor odtenkov za ustnice :). Sploh vijolični odtenki so mi padli v oči. Zame bolj jesenski :D.


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