Monday, September 4, 2017

EMPTIES - Skincare products!

Hey there! It's been ages since I last posted my empties. I've decided to search for the old photos and include everything even though a lot of these products have been used up over six months ago or even more. I like reading empties blog posts, because they are usually short and to the point, weather or not the product was good worth repurchasing. This is what I had in mind for this post as well. Just short comments on the products and weather or not they will make it back into my home! Here's what I used  skincare wise!

Afrodita Cosmetics  came out with four different floral scented shower gels a while back and I haven't really bought them since I used up the last of them. I have tried Secret Garden Magnolia Blossom oil shower gel and  Secret Garden Lovely Roses cream shower gel,which were both good, but I can not say I liked one or the other better. I prefer the magnolia scent and the oil texture a tad more. I might repurchase that one. You can read a full review on these here!

Balea Orange & Mint shower peeling has been one of those products - good, but forgettable. I liked it while using it, I wouldn't really repurchase it. The peeling was fine and small, not irritating my skin and it left me feeling fresh, no oily feeling on the skin. Wouldn't recommend it to sensitive and dry skin though. Afrodita Cosmetics Shave & Shower gel however was pretty great! No drying, no irritations, not too foamy and not too liquid. Suitable to shave my legs or bikini area with it and the price is pretty normal, so I will repurchase it in the future. Oriflame Discover Cuban Rhythms shower gel had a very nice coffee and sugar combo scent. I liked it a lot, but next time I want to try other scents, so I won't repurchase it. Full review of this shower gel is here.

Afrodita Cosmetics  has impressed me with a lot of products in the past and here are three more shower gels I have used by them. Cotton Flower Soft& Silky skin cream shower gel,  Secret Garden Romantic Peony cream shower gel and Lavender Relaxing moments oil shower gel. I really loved the cotton and lavender shower gel, last fall I used both of them up and as the weather got colder lately I felt like repurchasing these two again. One is warm and fluffy and feels creamy the other is fresh, floral and has a nice oil based texture. Worth repurchasing as often as possible in my opinion. XD

I like trying out Balea shower gels, because they usually smell nice and they are super cheap. The three I have used up are Balea shower gel with lime and mint scent, Balea Sweet wonderland shower gel vanilla and rose and Balea Mystic Fantasy mandarine & lotus flower shower gel. From the bunch the one that left a lasting memory is the vanilla peony combo. I really liked that scent. They were good, I liked using them, my skin didn't have any negative reaction to them, but I won't be repurchasing. I'll go for the fresher, newer scents.

Ebelin Nail polish remover with sponge was ok, did it's job but at the end it felt really nasty to place my fingers in that old sponge full of old nail polish and bacteria. I like the concept, but I just have no need for such a product. Ebelin Nail polish remover without aceton is a classic for me and I always keep a bottle at home. Already repurchased and I will continue to do so as it's effective and affordable. NIVEA Protect&Shave shaving gel came along with the razors as well and I really liked it! I don't usually have a shaving foam at home but this one is pretty good. The texture is just right and my skin is super soft after use. Would repurchase but it's on the expensive side for such a product, so I'll maybe repurchase when it's on discount.

I was never big on Avon shower gels and never understood the hype. They smell nice and all, but I always thought they weren't all that special. Well last year and this one as well, I finally got to try a couple of them and I must say the scents alone are divine and would convince me to buy more of them if I could smell them in real life. AVON Naturals body care Escape coconut&starfruit shower gel  was perfect summer companion, AVON Naturals body care Sultry Red rose& peach shower gel  was more warm and sweet scented. Would love to have it again this fall season. AVON Senses Joyful tropics papaya&peach shower gel was a nice fruity change and I loved that it didn't have that fake fruity scent to it. Also the playful bright orange shade was a good idea for a summer appropriate shower gel. From the bunch I would repurchase the coconut one and the rose&peachy one. You can read more about the two with the fruity scents here!

Borotalco Original deo roll on has been my favourite for a long time now. I rarely switch from it, but sometimes I try something new as well. Borotalco Intensive deo roll on was one of those deviations I had last year, but I actually like dit. Used it mostly for working out, because I felt like it worked best when in action. The second deviation was Biobaza Purple freshness lavender & bergamot natural deo roll on. A natural deo roll on I really enjoyed as it had a nice scent to it and felt fresh on the skin. Loved it in summer months and would love to repurchase when I catch it on sales again. The Original one has been repurchased already a couple of times, but since I've been using this one I have ended up using less deodorants then before and saved a lot of money as well.

A couple of mini versions I have finished up. I love... Mango&Papaya shower cream was ok, creamy, fruity and decent shower gel, but it was nothing special at the same time. Won't be repurchasing it any time soon. L'Occitane Almond shower oil is a classic I would love to have at home at all times. A luxury but at the same time a classic I really love. Repurchase is  a must! L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing shower gel surprised me with a light texture and fresh scent. I like dit, but not enough to buy a full sized one. Bentley Organic Calming & Moisturising Organic Soap is a natural cosmetics soap bar I used for washing my hands. It's not drying out my skin at all and I like the light lavender scent. I still have one more at home to use up!

I have tried Visett powder for hair removal last summer and it was ok, worked on my skin well, but it was messy and whole bathroom got covered in it at some point. It didn't irritate my skin and it worked, but in the long run it took longer to remove my hair than shaving and took more time to prepare and clean up. My skin was grateful for the shaving pause though. Kahne Kozmetika sea algae cream was a little something I was adding to my regular skin care routine, especially my night time routine to add some more moisture. I honestly think this didn't really do anything for my skin in the long run so I won't repurchase. Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera gel is a classic for me, I always keep a bottle of it at home. I use it for acne, dry skin, inflammation and such and it is a true miracle worker. A product everyone should have at home.

Balea Best wishes violets and fresia universal cream is in the long list of Balea universal creams I have used up. I love the packaging they give these small creams. As this one was limited edition, as the rest of them, I won't be repurchasing. However i will buy new ones XD LaBri Vilinska Lepota universal cream with lavender ended up being my hand cream. It had a plastic packaging so I was carrying it with me as well. I liked the gentle scent, but otherwise it didn't impress me enough to repurchase it. LUSH Sleepy was only a tester but I don't think I need to tell you I will be buying the bigger packaging! I love the fresh lavender scent and this Sleepy is simply a must. I loved it! Skin Blossom Caring hand cream rose geranium ended up being a natural hand cream that was one of the best I have ever tried. The texture, scent, effect on my skin - I love basically everything about it. Repurchase will definitely happen again! Le Couvent Des Minimes gardener's hand healer hand cream was a mini hand cream I received at last years BBMULJ event and I really liked it. It was my first time trying out their hand creams, apart form the Eau Sereine one and I am positively impressed. Will give more of their hand creams a chance! L'Occitane Almond milk concentrate  has a nice scent and texture, but it's just too expensive for such a product. I would love to have a mini for traveling but I will not repurchase the full size. L'Occitane rose scented shea butter hand cream is another one in the long list of hand creams I have used up by L'Occitane. I love their hand creams and I will always repurchase them whenever possible, but at the moment I will not buy another rose scented one. I already have one from the latest Roses et Reines en Rouge collection and I love it. I can not even begin explaining how much I loved this hand cream! AVON Planet Spa Treasures of The Desert restoring hand cream  has the most divine scent. A mix of nuts, vanilla and argan is simply perfect. The packaging resembles the L'Occitane ones, but it's way cheaper (especially if you catch it on discounts) and the effect is basically the same.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. To pa je noro veliko gelov za tuširanje, tudi za celo leto :)

    1. Hehe, ja veliko jih porabim. Če me ne navdušijo postanejo tekoča mila za roke.Pa nikoli ne šparam z njimi, ko se tuširam. XD

  2. To pa je izdelkov, pridna! :) Jaz tudi recikliram tud gele v mila za roke :) Afrodita vrtnica mi je pa tako smrdela, da je takoj romala naprej


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