Saturday, September 23, 2017

NEW IN August :)

Hey there! So summer's almost completely over. Time to go back to work/school and no more free time or vacations. I am slowly returning to more regular blogging as well, which for you means at least something new and interesting to read every once in a while! ;) I haven't been able to keep up with my new in blog posts so this year I have merged some of them together, like the June&July one. That one was massive, also thanks to a beauty blogger event goodies I have received. This one however is a lot shorter, though I must admit, I have felt spendy and bought a couple of products I really didn't need. Let's call them treats for the soul, shall we? XD

Oriflame sent me some amazing goodies in August! I got to try out their new foundation - Giordani Gold Liquid Silk Foundation SPF 12*  in shade Vanilla. I love the luxuriously looking packaging and the pipette for dispensing the foundation. The shade is a bit light for me at the moment, but it will suit me better when I loose all the tan I got during summer. I have barely started testing it out and I must say the first impression is rather good! The light texture really has a nice natural and silky finish. Even my boyfriend commented that I look more natural than usual, less pale because I have less foundation on my face. Anyway, gonna give it a more thorough testing and then a full review up here! Oriflame Eau de Toilette My Little Garden* has a gorgeous bell shaped bottle. Love the scent as well, even though it's EdT. Smells like sitting in the middle of a flower garden, love it! Not too overpowering scent and I like that it doesn't have the sweet twist to it. I hate it when brands combine floral scents with strong candy ones. Oriflame The ONE No compromises mascara* is their latest mascara and has premiered in the new September catalog. I have only tried it once so far, I like the brush a lot! Separates my lashes well. Doesn't coat them too thickly, but it looks like more of a daytime mascara. On my super short and stubborn lashes it looked very natural and appropriate for daytime.

I haven't been using feet products regularly, except for summertime, when it's hot and I wear sandals and a lot more nail polish and such. So I got a package by Oriflame that really surprised me and I didn't even know how much I needed these! XD  Feet up  summer fresh foot spray and  foot cream with strawberry & rhubarb*  have a lovely scent and feel fresh on the skin. The spray is amazing! I have used it a lot on hot days, to keep my feet looking good! The scent is not too artificial, which is always nice. Some brands tend to make the strawberry scents way too sweet. The cream absorbs well and quickly, so both products count as a positive surprise. I've also tried out  The ONE moisture gel polish*. This one became an instant favourite!

Needed some hair products so I went for another repurchase of Batiste dry shampoo for brown hair. There's really no point in talking about this one again, I have expressed my love for it up here on this blog a number of times. For shampoo I wanted to try out something new so I bought Schwarzkopf Schauma Nature moments Provence herbs & lavender and Mediterranean olive oil & aloe vera shampoo. I started testing out the lavender one in September and so far, I am really liking it. Smells super nice, foams nicely. My hair feel light and clean after washing, if you know what I mean. They feel light, but not too dry at the same time, just soft and clean and no greasy residue. They also have a slight lavender scent, but it doesn't last long. 

A couple of new skincare bits. I treated myself with Afrodita Cosmetics salt peeling and 100% SPA Detox Therapy body milk essential oils and natural hyaluronic acid. I couldn't resist the lavender scented salt peeling and it really smells like heaven. The combo of argan and lavender is really amazing and the body souffle impressed me as well. The Detox therapy lotion has a nice pump dispenser and I like the fresh scent of it. I haven't tested it out properly yet, but it sinks into the skin really fast and leaves no greasy residue. Balea Universal cream Fur Dich with coconut and cherry scent was a treat just because. I really like their vintage looking packagings and I always buy the new scents. This one has amazing scent as well and the same effective texture as always!

I treated myself with some makeup bits. Golden Rose Long stay liquid matte lipstick 15 is a shade that got really popular around me. I have a lot of friends who have this exact shade. Some love it, some say it's a disappointment. I honestly really like it. The shade, the  texture, the lasting power all impressed me. Not my first shade from the collection and definitely not the last one. L.O.V Cosmetics  Perfectitude primer serum was a product I actually needed to buy. I ran out of all my face primers and I was searching for something else to try out. My price point was up to 10 euros, but I accidentally took this one instead of the one for oily skin. It was about 12 euros but it serves me well. Makes my skin soft and I feel like it gives me a more dewy base than I am used to. Maybelline COLORsensational 986 Melted chocolate matte lipstick is a gorgeous light brown lipstick. Perfect for daytime wear and dries down to a complete matte finish. Love the light feeling on the lips and it never dries too much. I have bought three lippies from the Catrice Blessing Browns LE. The shade I actually liked and will keep on is C04 Plum Sucree. It's the perfect muted mauve shade for daily wear. The texture is light like a souffle, but it needs to be applied on a really well prepared lips.

The kind representatives of Le Couvent Des Minimes from Stillmark d.o.o. sent me an amazing cologne to try out - Botanical Cologne of the Priory hydrolat de verveine*. Loved to use it all through out the hot August weather and also now in September. When I started using perfumes I was more for florals and such, but lately I really love the fresh scented ones, like this one. Smells citrus like, but at the same time not too much like a fruity lemon. the perfect balance of verveine gives it just the right combination of making it perfect for daytime wear without smelling like a cleaning product at the same time. I have also received L'Occitane Roses et reines en Rouge hand cream* which was a part of a limited edition by L'Occitane. I am not sure if you can still get it in the stores, but I like the scent of this a lot. Their hand creams never disappoint me and this one is keeping me company this fall in my hand bag! NIVEA Cellular anti-age intensiv kur hyaluron* is the latest addition to Nivea skincare products. I have yet to try out this product, I was sort of waiting to finish up with some other products, so I can really do a full report on it. I think it will suit my skin type, as I need some hydro boost and what better way then intensive care with hyaluron.

I was feeling spendy in August and I ordered a couple of products from Lič I bought the Makeup Revolution Flawless Resurrection eyeshadow palette which was supposedly a dupe for ABH Modern Romance. I don't have both to compare, but this one will have to do, I guess. I am trying to incorporate the shades into my daytime looks and some pink tones are sort of hard to use as they don't really fit with my overall makeup choices. So far I like the palette, but will see if I'm gonna make a full review of it or not. Along with it I ordered two new lippies - I heart makeup Lip lava Molten chocolate I heart chocolate and Death by chocolate. Shade I heart chocolate has a colder undertone and looks like a mix between deep pink and a hint of fuchsia, while the Death by chocolate looks more like a deep cherry with a brown undertone. One for day time and one for going out. Both have shiny, lacquered finish when applied but it settles down to a semi shiny finish. They don't last well on me, unfortunately. I need to reapply a lot, especially after eating. But that's kinda understandable, can't keep the finish and colour intact with such shades. Though, the I heart chocolate survives eating and drinking better then the other shade.

One package made my week or maybe even month. This one was also sent to me by Lič, but for the purposes of testing out. I got Makeup Revolution Pro HD Amplified 35 palette Commitment*, Makeup Revolution Luxury powder banana* and I heart makeup Unicorns heart rainbow highlighter*. Lič store was celebrating 7th birthday and they have also expanded and sell Makeup Revolution product at Tuš drogerija stores. I was super lucky and I got three amazing products to try out. From what I have tested out I really like the banana powder, perfect for my under eye area. especially matches well with my Bourjois foundations. The rainbow highlighter looks very strong or very natural, however I want it and on the face doesn't look as scary at all. I was kinda expecting it too be too strong, but it really looks good! The eyeshadow palette is huge and has amazing combination of shades. Haven't tested all of them out yet, but I love them so far! Nice pigmentation, easy to blend and last well on me. Perfect for creating day time looks or some mauve, purple smoky eyes. 

That's it, folks! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products sent for review purposes are marked with *. 


  1. Tudi jaz imam še namen preizkusiti LOV primer glede na pohvale. In Maybelline Matte šminke imajo eno najboljših tekstur! :)

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