Tuesday, August 29, 2017

NEW IN June & July 2017 :)

Hey there! Long time since I last posted what's new over here. I may not be as active as I used to be, but I still indulge in a lot of cosmetics and makeup. So have no fear, there is a super long blog post in front of you full of products I have received, bought or got at a beauty blogger event! A lot of testing out is yet to come!

In June I went to Summermbeauty blogger event where I got a crazy amount of goodies to try out. I have barely started with all the testing so I don't have much to say about a lot of these products. Or at least, not yet. I got a couple of Essence products - Essence BLUSHplay sculpting blush palette 10 play it peach*, Prismatic Rainbow glow highlighter 10 be a unicorn*,  Volume Stylist lash extension mascara*, Colour boost nail paint 03 Instant Kiss*. I have not started testing any of these, but I've been told the Blushplay palette is a must try! I also forgot to include one lipstick - Metal shock in shade 06 stargazer*.

Normally I would have jumped at the chance to try out some more expensive products and stuff I don't get to see in stores otherwise. This time I took it slow, as in summer time I have my routine and don't really stray much away from it. I was testing some other skincare products, so I haven't given these ones the chance yet. I have received Annemarie Borlind Mascara black* + LE loose powder  with hyaluronic acid in Natural*, Hyaluronic Eye Pads with immediate results*, LL Regeneration Blossom Dew Gel*, Lip gloss in Soft Pink 22* + testers - BB cream,  Beauty Shots, Hydro gel mask tester, Mild shampoo + hair conditioner,  Body lind body cream, beauty balm, shower balm and body lotion testers*. I haven't included the testers in the photos, because i received a lot of them, from a lot of brands, and it would just make this already long post even longer. I have tried the lip gloss in the gentle pink shade. It has a nice light texture, feels good on the lips, gives a very light and subtle pink hint to my lips. Perfect everyday shade when you're on the go.

A huge pile of Avon goodies! I must say Avon treated me really well in the last couple of months and I have received a bunch of products! At the beauty blogger event I got a huge bag of products - AVON Mark Magix Prep and set spray*, Mark Big & Daring volume mascara*, Sun+ Magic Tan self-tan bronzing mousse*, Avon Naturals hand cream cocoa&lotus flower*, Avon Planet Spa Treasures of The Desert with Maroccan Argan Oil Restoring Facial Cleanser*, Mark Mega effects liquid eyeliner*, AVON  True Colour Perfectly matte lipstick in shade Adoring Love*, LUXE  Silken Lip Perfector Berry Tint*, AVON Sun+ After Sun body butter*. I am loving the Mark eyeliner, spray and mascara! They are all three really good! I have also tried the after sun lotion and it has a very nice cooling effect on me, a big plus! The rest still need to be tested out! :)

I didn't expect these three products to be my favourites from the bunch I got at Summermbeauty event! But in the end Biobaza really did it. I am not big on hyping products, I prefer to stick to the ones that work for me, but this time I have to join the wagon and say the fast tanning jam is the bomb! At the event I received BioBaza  Royal Sun supertanning royal marmelade for bronze skin*, Sun & Sea Forever spf 15 lip balm*, BioBaza Sun supertanning marmelade tester* + other testers*. I have tried a lot of their products through testers, but nothing came close to the love I feel for the lip balm and fast tanning jam. Both have nice textures, smells and my skin loves them! 

Ugh, a big bunch of products I have not tried yet. From Malinca.si I got Glina.si Glina & limona glineno milo/clay soap* and Malinca.si glinena maska za obraz/clay face mask*. From Karbonoir* we were all given activated coconut charcoal teeth whitening powder plus a brush*. Plus from Ličila.si I have to try out some Revers products - REVERS Nude Skin Matte perfect lift make up in Beige*, Eyeshadow Lavien trio*, Just Gold lip gloss shade 6P*.

A LUSH trio of products I got at Summermbeauty event -  The rough with the smooth*, Sexy peel soap*, Pumice Powder peling for feet*. I haven't started testing them out properly, but I will. These natural products tend to loose scent if they are closed in for too long, so I better get started!

On eof the brands I have not met with before, PEASE  Cosmetics, was also kind enough to give us girls a lot of products at the event. In my bag I received  Pease Artist Rice powder transparent*, Blacker than Black volume and care mascara*, Shimmer pressed powder in shade 02 natural*, Liquid Powder Double Skin Aqua waterproof  in shade 20A, nail polish in shade 102*, mattifying make-up base*, Silky matt liquid lipstick in 707*, lip pencil in shade 11*. I have already used up the primer, it was perfect! Really love it, the texture, effect on my skin, goes well with a lot of different makeup foundations. Hope to repurchase it sometime! I also tried the matt lip product! Love the shade, looks very natural on me and the pigmentation is also great! Plus, it's not drying out my lips!

A mix and match I got at Ziaja stand - Ziaja Goat's milk day cream plus testers*, Ecover washing up liquid (dishwashing soap)*, Paris Love Jacques Saint Pres EdP*, Paris Dream Jacques Saint Pres EdP*, Ulric De Varens Mini Love EdP* and Mini Sexy EdP*. I have given away most of these products as i won't really be using up the perfumes, I have too many already and they are going to waste if I don't use them up first. I am actually using Ecover soap in my kitchen right now and I really like it! Good job, Ecover!

A couple of products/testers I got at teh event - nee Makeup Milano bag*, tester and hair band*, Calvin Klein ck all perfume tester*, Dragocena.si Vipera testers*. there were some more testers from Vipera and Dragocena.si products, but I decided not to cram them all in the photos.

After the Summermbeauty blogger event I received another large AVON package. Inside I was AVON Glow bronzing pearls in  Radiant Glow*, Mark Magix HD finishing powder*, LUXE silke lip perfector in Rose Tint*, Sun+ Magic Tan moisturising self-tan lotion for face and body with tropical fragrance*, Advance Techniques dry shampoo*, Skin so soft silky moisture nourishing dry oil body spray*, Avon True Nutra Effects micellar cleansing water for all skin types*. I have tried out the dry shampoo and it's really good! Love the scent of it, but it's best to use it on my second day hair. For more oily hair only Batiste dry shampoo can help. Also love the mark translucent powder. Helps me stay matte a lot longer than most of my other pressed or loose powders! The mark collection is starting to grow on me! 

Dragocena.si* gave me a couple of Vipera testers at the event and later they sent me a bunch of other goodies. More testers and among them Noble Health Prodetox Activ+ dietary supplement*. Have to try it out soon!

Two more products I have been sent fronm the super kind Adrema girls - Eucerin Intim-schutz intimate care soap* and NIVEA Clear-up strips for normal to mixed skin*. I haven't started tsting these out yet, but I hope the nose strips will be good with my skin. I have no doubt I will like Eucerin intimate wash. ;)

Of course, I've done some shopping as well! In the two months I got to buy quite a bunch of products. A lot less then usual, but still, quite a lot! I needed a new cleansing gel and I was looking for something with a bit rougher feel to it so I opted for L'Oreal Pure Clay Exfoliating Cleansing gel 3 pure clays + red algae. I am really loving this, my skin is reacting well to it and it does get my pores clean. Not irritating and not drying out my skin. Though it feels like the face masks, just maybe a bit more liquidy then the mask. A repurchase - LUSH Grease Lightning anti blemish gel plus I bought Outback mate soap bar. I couldn't take a photo of it, because I already used it up. Loved the fresh scent of it, would definitely want to repurchase it! Along with the charcoal face amsk and face wash, Balea also released  Active charcoal peel of mask. I must say this dissapointed me a lot, it just didn't do anything for my skin. It smells terribly of alcohol and there's just no effect. A waste of money, even though it's cheap and affordable product. Mermaid brush from Aliexpress is the last bit on this photo. I use it to apply highlighter plus it's cute! 

Afrodita Cosmetics is one of my favourite Slovenian brands and I regularly use or purchase their products. They came out with the new lavander products this summer and I couldn't resist buying the body suffle with argain oil & lavender essential oil. I love it soo much! The scent, the fluffy texture, light on the skin, sinks in really fast, no greasy residue, hydrated skin and amazing scent. What more could you want! Along with it I also bought Afrodita Cosmetics 3Active intimate wash, because I ran out of my previous one and I needed to get one. The Eucerin one arrived later, so I now have to to try out. The Afrodita one is super for shaving as well!

I splurged a bit on artDeco products. I had an eyeshadow primer ages ago and then I didn't use any of their products for a very long time. I spotted these two on discount at local Muller store and I couldn't resist. I bought ArtDeco Ombre lipstick triple color lip styling 33 Violet vibes and ArtDeco Bronzing Magnum Powder number 6. Both products are a part of the limited edition, so if you want to catch them you need to hurry up! I love the triple core lipstick, looks amazing. But I can't eat or drink much, because the shades mix together too much into a bright pink. The bronzer has a gorgeous design and I am really happy with it. The shade is light enough for me to use even in colder months and I am really trying to use it sparingly. I don't want to destroy the pretty design!

I warned you - this will be a long post! I got a couple of products from a fellow beauty blogger Ina from Hysteria of decay blog.  She was super kind and gave me AVON Mesmerize EdT, which I love and it's a sibling of the other Mesmerize Black fragrance. Love them both, but this one seems sweeter and lighter, more day time appropriate.  She also gave me two lip products, perfect for summer time - Essence Cubanita LE wet look lip lacquer and Catrice Soleil d'Ete LE  Golden lip booster C01 golden sun-bath. I like the golden topper, looks really preety on top of lip pencils or lipsticks. The Essence Cubanita one has amazing pigmentation, the shade however looks a bit too pink on me. From Ana, Beautysaur blog, I got another purple themed lipstick - Maybelline Lip POLISH  Glam 6. Perfect fall shade, if you ask me! I won a Facebook giveaway at Muller page and got Burt's Bees  520 Scarlet Soaked. I like the texture, feels very moisturizing. The shade is orange red, suitable for warm toned skin. It doesn't have a very lasting effect, sadly.

Some bits and bobs I bough myself. Catrice  Liquid Camouflage high coverage concealer in  010 Porcellain was a repurchase and is already half done. But I really love this one, especially for my undereye area so I keep returning to it. I bought another BioBaza lip balm  olive & grapefruit, because I lost the first one and in the mean time I also found it again! XD It's effective, fresh scented and not too greasy. I wanted to try out some fake tan products this summer and before I got the Avon ones I bought Essence Next Stop Summer LE airbrush bronze & glow face and body spray. I haven't tried it on my face, but on my legs. It looks way too orange on me and I am always scared it will look uneven, so I haven't given it a proper chance. Essence Hip girls wear blue jeans LE metallic foil lip powder was something I wanted tot try to top over my eyeshadows as well as lip products. I actually still haven't gotten around to testing it out. Last bit is AVEO Papaya Limonenduft nail polish remover pads was a repurchase. Small, travel friendly and effective at removing all my nail polishes. Pluse cheap! :)

From a fellow blogger Ana Ina,  Ana Ina Palmer blog, I got a couple of lovely bits! L'Oreal lip paint lacquer 107 Dark River and lip paint matte  207 Wuthering purple liquid lipstick were on my wishlist for a long time and the shade Wuthering purple is perfect for me. Just bright enough to wear for everyday but still look good. Another perfect shade is a creamy version of Misslyn lipstick in a more muted mauve shade - Misslyn cream to matte lipstick 261. AVON Magic Effects Fringe nail polish in Jacquered metal is perfect topper for any kind of light shades, I actually love to pair it up with nude and pinky shades.

Some new/old hair care - a repurchased L'Oreal Elseve Arginine Resist reinforcing shampoo. I like this one, my hair always feel super soft after using this one. They stopped selling the Fibrology one and I can't find it anywhere anymore, so I kinda had to get this one, though it's good too! NIVEA Rose &Argain oil oil in lotion for normal to dry skin was a splurge, a product i couldn't resist. I love the scent and the rose one is simply the best one from the new scents that are now available. It's not natural cosmetics, but it gets the job done very well - nourished, soft skin with a slight rose creamy scent.

Catrice Travelight Story LE  has been already reviewed on my blog. I received Radiant Glow Mist* and  Blush & Bronze* to try out, but the nail polishes were my decision (best decision of the summer XD). I bought three shades C02 Skyline, C03 Deep Dark Waters, C04 Salty Shimmer  Sunset. I have worn these so much! I love all three shades, but the Skyline simply wins for me! I can see myself wearing the shade into fall and winter season as well. 

This is the last one, I promise! Some more products I've received to try out. From Oriflame I got Oriflame Essentials Face Scrub Coconut Water* and Oriflame The ONE Long Wear Nail Polish Crystal Water*. I've tried both of these and they are pretty good! The peeling is strong but not too abrasive. I like that it's a bit on the rough side, perfect for body as well as face, when it needs a bit of a more mechanic scrub. the nail polish is actually light pale blue-ish with silver shimmer in it. Perfect summer shade for mermaids, if you ask me! From Dominur I received a couple of the latest L.O.V products - L.O.V LOVglow highlighting drops 020 Sunlight glow*, L.O.V FATALmuse liquid matte lipstick in shade 790 Dark Revenge* and 710 Secret Obsession*. the liquid lipsticks are the bomb, by far the best i have tried in the last year! I love the creamy texture they have and the darkest shade is just to die for! the highlighter drops give a very nice glow, can be used for everyday makeup and look natural or they can be gently built up.I'll be making a full review for these three!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products marked with * were sent/given to me for review purposes.


  1. Super nabor izdelkov. Mene so Paese izdelki večinoma pozitivno presenetili. Sploh tekoča šminka, ki dejansko ni nič suha na ustnicah :).

    Avon Mesmerize je en mojih najljubših vonjev - poleg črnega :). Sladka bomba za hladnejše dni.

    Slišim same pohvale L.O.V. šmink. Če bi bil večji nabor odtenkov, bi si še kakšnega kupila.

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