Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Review: Catrice - Travelight Story LE

Hey there! Feeling the summer hotness? Well, I have a review just for that and it's all about Catrice Travelight story limited edition! The collection showcased some classic products and shades for summer - blushed and bronzer, glittery mist and navy blue nail polish along with orange-y red lips. I have tried five products from the collection - three nail polishes, the face mist and blush & bronzer duo. Check out which of these I liked and why!

Radiant Glow Mist*

It feels like a fresh, cooling spray with some tiny silver glitter parts. The glitter is pretty visible, so it will look great on tanned skin. Because it's sparse you won't look like a glitter bomb, even if you spray over the same place a couple of times. I am actually pretty surprised at how much I loved this one! Especially on super hot summer days and nights. If you are looking for some heavy duty glitter then this is not what you want, as this product looks barely visible or, if you apply more layers, natural on the skin. You need to shake the bottle like the worlds gonna end to get the glitter to mix with the liquid. A shame... and the mist is not really so much a mist then a regular spray. I apply this all over my body, except the face. I have shiny and oily skin there without any additional help. XD

The Blush & Bronze duo C01 from Dusk Till Dawn*

I love two in one products as they are usually really travel friendly. The problem with them is only in the shade selections. With this duo I was actually pretty lucky! the blush wasn't too pink or too red, but the right kinds of orange-y shade that it still looked natural on me.  It matches well with the bronzer part and both give a natural sun kissed effect.  Not suitable for super light and pale skin and colder skin tones, but on warmer and yellow undertones this duo will look like second skin. If you are really tanned then these two shades may e too light for you. The pigmentation of both is really good and the texture is quite solid, not  dusty at all. I can also say that these two last on me for a couple of hours even when it's hot and I'm sweating a lot. I think that's quite a win for summer months, but in the colder ones I expect it to perform even better.

Nail lacquer in shades C02 Skyline, C03 Deep dark waters and C04  Salty Shimmer Sunset

These were my top choice nail lacquers of the summer! I wore these so much that I actually, for once, justified why I both them. All three of them have been on my nails for over a month every day! Either on my hands or feet, they were just the perfect shades! I loved to create the combo of the three and applied them all on my hands and on my feet I wore a lot the shade C02 Skyline. It's my favourite shade from the bunch and has nice metallic shine to it. Not shimmery but more like a car paint sort of shade, looks very chic. The deep blue shade needs two coats to be fully opaque the same goes for the white glittery one. the name fits it really well, looks like salty shimmer in the sunset! Definitely products that were my favourites during this summers vacations and I still wear them! 

The only dislike I have for these is the packaging. The nail polishes are super cute and I initially bought them because of the cute bottles. But what really gets me salty is the reflective silvery white labels that I couldn't manage to photograph well.

All in all, summer limited edition that gets all the thumbs up from me!

Hope this review was helpful to you! Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

** Products, marked with* were sent to me for review purposes. My opinion is always based on my own experiences with the products.

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