Thursday, November 30, 2017

Expecting the dawn with L'Occitane Terre De Lumiere L'Eau :)

Hello there! I'm sure you have spotted new fragrances by L'Occitane. The exceptionally well received Terre De Lumiere eau de parfum has gotten a new, fresher and lighter version.  A more romantic one to the one you have gotten to know first. A light dust of pink blush that will embrace you all day long!

The fragrance was inspired by the dawn, the fresh crisp morning light embracing the new day. As it sounds romantic, it truly is romantic. The packaging, the colour of it, the scent itself sennds a gentle reminder that a new day has come and a new chance to love ourselves. 

Dawn is such a fleeting moment. In one instant it's gentle and breathtaking, making us dream and hope, the next one it's already gone. The light touch of it is present in the fragrance as well. It's powdery floral notes are light, but still strong enough to make the scent very longlasting. 
Firts impression of the fragrance is that this is a fresh and light one, but it quickly blossoms into a more floral warmer scent. It may seem a bit more girly and sweet, but it's still got enough strength and balance to make it a sophisticated one.

I was never much of a morning person. So sometimes when I have to get up really early, before the sun even starts to rise, I admit, I'm really cranky and don't want to function without my coffee. But then once I sort of wake up but still feel the haze of the morning, just watching the dawn rise up, I feel most relaxed. True, I usually have a cup of coffee in my hands and wear something warm and cozy. But the mornings that really impress are those in the summertime. They are super early and the summer time dawn really tugs at my heart with the light pastel shades. I love watching them turn into a full, hot and bright summer day. It feels like a calm before the storm, a light cool breeze before the hot day.

Fragrance includes a gorgeous pink dusted bottle that includes 50 ml. It's available in L'Occitane stores and in their online store! :)

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Love, UniqaPoly

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