Thursday, October 5, 2017


Hello! I guess this will be the last sort of summer oriented favourites for this year.  It took me awhile to finish up this post and it's already fall season, but these products definitely impressed me so much I will use them even in the colder months.

Fragrances are one of those products we tend to either switch up depending on the season or stick with until we use up the bottle. It's been years since I was the second type of person, now I'm more into switching up my fragrances. I don't really go with the whole "Oh, it's fall, I need warmer scents", I prefer to be led by the current preferences. Over the years I have developed an appreciation for light and fresh scents and I can't imagine my life without at least one of them on hands at all times. This end of summer and beginning of fall season I was lucky to get to try out the new Le Couvent Des Minimes fragrance - Eau du Prieure Botanical cologne of the Priory Verbena & Citrus*. The packaging is the same as with all of their cologne bottles. The scent is really refreshing and a great combo of fresh and zesty without making it smell like a toilet cleaner. Love this so much!

While reading the description for this eau de toilette I was really intrigued. I hoped for a nice floral combo that wouldn't be too sweet or generic, but not too strong to make it a fragrance that's not easy to wear. Oriflame's My little garden EDT* did not disappoint at all! For some reason this is second fall in a row that I just tend to cling to lighter and fresher scents, the ones that smell like spring or summer. This one does remind me of a couple of different scents, however it's the only one in my collection that smells just the right amount of light, fresh and floral at the same time. The staying power could be better, but I don't hold it against it as it does state it's EdT and not EdP. Love to use it for daytime, like going for a drink with friends and such. I think it's also very work/office7collage appropriate!

Haven't changed my skincare much in the last months. I used a lot of summer oriented products with SPF and such, but I did add a couple of bits into my routines. The first one is Oriflame The ONE Moisture gel polish*. I had no idea what this was until i got it and started using it. And now I love it and can't imagine my hand care routine without it ever again! Just like with skin, this gives an extra layer of moisture and helps my cuticles and nails to look better, healthier.  It made a massive difference on how my hands look now and I use it almost daily. Usually before I apply my hand cream or before applying my nail polish. Along with this my hand care routine includes also this new L'Occitane Roses et Reines en Rouge hand cream*. I already did a full review on this one and I'll keep it short. Not sure if you can still buy this one, as it was a part of the limited edition, however it has a super nice scent to it. As for being effective - just like the other hand creams they offer. Surely, one of the best ones I have tried and I have really tried a lot of hand creams over the years. For my body I am loving NIVEA Rose & Argan oil oil in lotion. The texture, scent and effect on my skin are great! From all the new oil in lotion products this one had the best scent and I had to buy it. I simply could not resist, no matter that i already have like a billion skin care products at home. The scent is light and natural, never like a fake plastic rose scent. My skin is super hydrated and soft after use and the product sinks into my skin fairly fast, leaving no oily residue. Definitely one of my favourites of the year from all of the NIVEA new products that have been launched lately. I might go and try the vanilla scented one as well, once I finish this one.

I've been wearing a lot more makeup in the past two months and I feel like I am finally making some good use form the products I already have. Makeup Revolution Luxury powder Banana* was a new discovery for me and it came at a time when I just couldn't regulate my shiny skin and all other powder formulations looked too white on me. having a warm yellow undertone makes my skin perfect for this kind of yellow banana powder. I don't really use it just for baking but sometimes all over my face to set my foundation. Love the soft satin finish! When it comes to liners I usually prefer the finest, thinnest tip possible but with this AVON Mark  mega effects liquid eyeliner* I was quickly able to make a nice line! It has a thicker tip and can be applied in a thin line or like a paper maker in a thicker one. After using it for a couple of months now I am impressed that it is still giving me the perfect black line and didn't dry up yet! Maybelline COLORSensational 986 Melted Chocolate lipstick somehow ended on my wish list once I saw some swatches. The shade seemed like a natural darkened nude and I had to at least try it. I love to pair it up with a daytime natural look or sort of brown smokey eyes. The texture is super soft and lasts well on me plus it's completely matte without that annoying drying effect. Trend It Up Contour and glide kajal 030 is no stranger among my favourites. I really like these kajal liners. They are soft, well pigmented easy to apply, easy to blend and last really well! At the end of the day it does take a tiny bit of an effort to remove them, but they are not being stubborn. The shade I've been loving lately is 030 (sorry, they have no names), a coppery bronze brown kind of shade. Wore it for work a lot on it's own or paired up with eye shadows. Never disappoints. I am getting more shades. XD I Heart Makeup Lip Lava Molten Chocolate in shade I heart chocolate was one of those indulgence purchases and I can't say I regret it. I have nothing like this at home and I quickly got to love this shade. It looks more like a muted deep pink with violet undertone on the lips and it has a super nice shiny finish. The lasting power is not great, sadly. I need to reapply every two to three hours and it doesn't survive eating. However, form the Lip lava products I have tried so far, this one is y far my favourite. Maybelline Master sculpt contouring palette 01 Light medium was another indulgence purchase from last year, if memory serves me well. At first I wasn't using it regularly, but this summer I really got the hang of it and I love it! The contour shade was just right for my slightly tanned skin and even now I can achieve a natural look but I need to have a light hand with it. The highlighter in it is ok, but I prefer to use others. Anyway this contouring palette has become one of my most used products of the summer 2017. XD

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

**Products marked with * were sent to me for review purposes.

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