Friday, December 28, 2012

Preview: Alverde Black & Red LE

Alverde presents new limited edition for holidays! Available form december to January 2013 in selected DM stores. :)

Lipstick is available in 10 magic moment, 20 magic kiss, 30 red glamour, 40 red love. The sensual, seductive lipstick gives its wearer grace and conjure a beautiful pout. The great colours complement any make-up, whether classic or subtly glamorous - the lips are real gems.

Cream to powder rouge is available in 10 bright shine, 20 winter rose, 30 hot flame, 40 red glow. The Cream to Powder Rouge is an allrounder for the cheeks! The convertible texture - from creamy to powdery - blends with the skin. The Cream to Powder Rouge gives contour and charming freshness for a natural or dramatic look. Easy to apply and to blend.

Duo - mascara is available in 10 black & red, 20 black & silver. Intense colour accents and stunning lashes in a hurry - the Duo Mascara for the expressive eyelashes! Intense black envelops each individual lash and gives them a beautiful volume.
Volume Star mascara is available in 10 intensive grey, 20 golden shine.  The extra volume mascara for a dramatic eye make-up combined with rich red lips gives the perfect "black & red" vamp look. The intense colours with light highlights envelop each individual lash from root to tip for visibly more volume.

Liquid eyeshadow is available in 10 metallic black, 20 metallic silver, 30 metallic white. The bright colors of the  Liquid Eyeshadows gives a bright luxury eye make-up. The eye shadow can be spread evenly over the eyelids. This product is vegan!

Shimmer cream is available in 10 sparkling gold, 20 sparkling silver, 30 sparkling red.
The different shades of shimmering  cream puts radiant accents for a glamorous appearance! By the light texture, the shimmer cream can  be easily and specifically applied under the brow, on the eyelids or on the cheekbones. This product is vegan!

Make up corrector pencil. Perfect for small errors in no time to correct or accurate to remove - without endangering the rest of the makeup. Its fine and beveled tip correction can be used both for the eyes and for the lip contour. This product is vegan!

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  1. U, a je tole že pri nas? Kakšna šminka gre sigurno z mano. :))

    1. joj, ne nisem je še nikjer videla, se bojim da je možno da je sploh ne bo v SLO...


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