Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY: Christmas candle holder

Hey there! Today I'll show you a short post how to make yourself a nice christmasy - wintery candle holder.

You will need: scissors, some art glue, that turns white when it dries, ordinary  scotch tape, decorative sand in two colours (or more), decorative tape with a winter/christmasy motive, a glass bowl (also could use some old glass jars) and some tea candles :)

First off, you need a glass bowl or a glass jar or anything that is transparent. Than you fill it with decorative sand. I used blue and cream white, also because this colour combination can be used several times, not only in winter. After all the colour combination with a couple of sea shells will be perfect for summer ;)
Than you pour the sand in anyway you like it. I decided to split it in half, so I made an uneven relief, if you would look at the sides, at the top I made it half blue, half white. Of course you can mix it in any shape you like. :)

Next step is decorating the tea candles. I used this silvery deco tape. At first in the store I thought it was white with silvery snowflakes, but it turned out to be just the snowflakes. Even better! I rolled the tape around the candle, cut at the appropriate length. Than I tried to glue it, and there was always the spot where I cut the tape, that was standing out. So for that little spot I used the usual clear paper  tape.

Once all four are done, you just need to place them on top and it's done! :) Simple, quick and easy :)

As for the candles I used the simple ones, the ones I already had at home, but you could use candles with colours or  fragrance. Depends on the colour combination you are going for :)

The snowflake deco tape can be removed from the candles easily, so once you ran out of them you can simply glue the decoration to another one. :)

Also, another tip, if you have a crystal, transparent bowl, you could decorate that too, simply by using some silvery or gold art spray, you just need to make sure you buy the one that will stick to the glass. :)

Since I put on four candles you can also have it instead of Advent wreath :)

Hope this was useful to you and thanks for reading :)

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