Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Preview: Catrice - MATCH POINT LE

Hello everyone! Catrice is not resting in the summer time and here is another limited edition, named Match Point. Available from mid June to the end of July 2013 :)

Allround mascara waterproof: Gives lenght and volume, with water resistant formula. Available in 01 Blackest Black.
Longlasting eyeshadow base & highlighter:
Bright & Beautiful. Eyeshadow base and highlighter in one product. The long-lasting texture fixes the eye shadow that enhances durability and increases color intensity and luminosity. Available in C01 The Winning Cream

Nail lacquer: Long-lasting texture, ultimate coverage and ultimate brilliance. Now in limited Match Point design and in the hottest trend colors of the summer season. Available in C01 Team Lucky Mustards,  C02 ChamPINK, C03  Rockby and C04 The Winning Cream.

Lip Balm Tint: The handy jumbo pencil ensure the right balance between care and color. The gel-like texture with Tint Lip Balm-effect colors the lips with every order an intense - for a rich color result in a confident Pink and Deep Red. Available in C01 Rockby and C02 ChamPINKon.

Blush Stick: The Blush sticks give a naturally fresh complexion. Easy to apply thanks to the gel-like texture and comfortable to wear on the skin. Practical, handy and suitable even for the elegant evening clutch. Available in C01 Rockby and C02 ChamPINKon.

Baked Eyeshadow: Three new colors with and without shimmer effects. The soft texture of the baked powder eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry. Available in C01 Team Lucky Mustards, C02 Rockby and C03 The Winning Cream.

Cosmetic Bag Cube: The sporty Cosmetic Bag has space for all the important beauty tools and looks to boot, in the brilliant electric blue paint, chic and sporty at the same time out. 

See anything you like? Personally I would go for the deep red blush, lip balm and nail lacquer... but I already have so many shades of red and deep red. Perhaps I will get myself something, but at the moment I'm not that interested. Anyways I love the classic colours for summer this collection propose, pinky red and blue :) Anything new on your wishlist?

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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