Friday, May 3, 2013

L'Occitane Gift Box - Fleurs Merveilleuses

Hey there! Today I'll write about products I got as a gift for Christmas! Yes, I know, that's like months ago! Can you believe that I had something for so long without using it, or even trying it? Something like a gift box from L'Occitane?!

Yes, it was in the gift box all this time and I just started to use it :) Well, not all of it. ;) Let's see what I got in it :) It contains Fleurs Marveilleuses limited edition collection shower gel, shimmer oil, hand cream and soap bar. :)

Also, L'Occitane is not a brand of natural cosmetics, it doesn't have any certificate, unfortunately. Just to clear out that on the start. I hear so many times how this brand is great because it's natural.. Yes they had a collection with a certificate some time ago, but at the moment none of the products have it. 

I have checked slovenian web page by L'Occitane and  there is also a Eau de Toillete available, in 75 ml bottle. Also I think that all of these four are available in the stores :)

The shower gel is still waiting to be used, but I can tell you that it smells so great! I only tested it on my hands and it's really great scent and the packaging is also nice. I love the shape of the bottle, it's plastic but it's functional and sturdy, it won't break easy. The product promises that when the gel is in contact with waterit turns into plentiful and fragrant foam that gently cleanses without drying the skin and is scented with wonderful charming fragrance of flowers. It contains extracts of rose, peony and raspberry. It contains 250 ml, which will last me a long time. I love their shower gels and I always spare them for as long as I can because they smell so great and because they are quite expensive...
Also this shower gel contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate on second spot! Just in case your skin doesn't tolerate this very well.

And now the product that I love in this collection! Especially now that summer is starting and I'll get the chance to use it a lot more! I couldn't find it online, so I don't know if you can buy it still. This whole collection smells fantastic! I mean it's a gentle scent, not as heavy as let's say Peony, but it's deep and stays on the skin for long time.This shimmering oil  comes in a glass bottle, really classy looking and contains 75 ml. In comparison with Alverde shimmer oil this smells so fantastic! It's more oily than creamy, Alverde one is more easy to grasp and spread, because the consistency appears to be more creamy. Here it's quite more oily, and leaves a nice shine by itself :) There are no ingredients on the bottle, so I can not really say what it's made of. It has lots and lots of golden glitters, you need to shake the bottle well before use. Anyway, it has quite a lot more glitter parts than Essence Shimmer spray and leaves a more visible and even glow.  The application of this one is a bit more difficult because when you pour it in your hands it tends to leek out of your palm, so small doses and repeat is the best option for even applicaton, let's say on legs. :) If you can get this one, I really recommend it and it's better than the Alverde or Essence ones. On the photos below you can see some swatches too :) It leaves the skin more oily, but not too greasy, anyway on summer evening this is a must!

This soap gently cleanses without drying the skin and adds delicate scent with a magical blend of fragrant roses, peonies and red berries. Contains extract roses and peonies. I love this soap, sometimes I shower with this because it's so great! but I'm gonna run out soon, the soap is after all quite small. It comes in a plastic packaging that you just have to tear off and it contains 50g.

Hand cream is also one of my favourites because it really makes my skin better. One of the rare hand cream products that actually help me, however this may sound strange. It's a good product, but this is hardly the best hand cream out there you can get, ingredients wise. Cetearyl Alcohol on third spot already.. But all of these L'Occitane creams have something in common that actually helps my hands and cuticles. It's white coloured cream, comes in  their usual aluminium bottle, plastic cap. Contains 30 ml of product.

And now the swatches of my beloved shimmer oil I have promised you before :) Enjoy more photos :)

Do you use any products by L'Occitane? Do they work for you? I love this brand and most of the products I had by them so far are pretty awesome! Also, they are more expensive than my normal buys so.. I use them when I want to treat myself or they can be a great gift to someone you know loves their cosmetics :)

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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