Friday, May 17, 2013

Review & Swatches: MUA - Undress me too, eyeshadow palette

Hey there! Some time ago, when I was making a post about another MUA eyeshadow palette, called Undressed (review and swatches here), I promised two more. And finally I got around to make a review of this beautiful baby! MUA released this palette not so  long ago, maybe 3 to 4 months ago. I have it for some time now and I had a chance to really test and try the shades. Actually I ended up using it even more than the Undressed one.

First of, the packaging - simple, white and transparent coloured, plastic, with a double sided sponge applicator inside. I got mine on slovenian web store Lič, but you can get it a lot cheaper on MUA web store, especially when they have sales or free shipping, and of course you can get a lot of other great products for a low price :)
Again, I don't like the plastic packaging, it's just too fragile. The other day my Sleek Au naturel palette fell on the ground and 5 eyeshadows just broke out, beyond repair... but the packaging survived and the mirror is fine, but this one probably won't survive the fall. So hold it tight!

Inside you get twelve eyeshadows, ranging from very light beige to black, from shimmery shades to matte shades.Well, most are shimmery, matte are only shades Naked and lavish and the last one, the black one, Corrupt. Here you can see the names written on the back. I really like the gave names to the shades, I don't like just giving the munbers.

All the shades are nicely pigmented, in my opinion not even one is flawed in pigmentation.  Of course the Naked one is the lightest one and also very slightly visible on the photos of swatches. Also the textures are really good, I had no problems with application of any of these. I use brushes so I never really have much problems with any of the shades, except if they are really hard and the eyeshadow won't budge..

And now photos of the swatches. First row, from Naked to Dreamy. I like all of them, very light colours, I mostly use them to highlight, or if I go too dark than I use them to brighten the area. From these I really like to use a lot shade Shy and Fiery.

L to R: Naked, Devotion, Shy, Fiery, Lavish, Dreamy.

And the second row from shade Tranquil to Corrupt. I love them all, most often I use Exposed and Reveal, slightly more grey-ish and silvery colours, perfect for everyday make up, especially if you don't want to wear brown shades every day. I least like the Corrupt one, the black one. If I use black eyeshadow I prefer to choose from one of my Sleek palettes, they are a tad more pigmented and .. it's a thing of habit.

L to R: Tranquil, Exposed, Reveal, Wink, Obssesed, Corrupt.

Also really like the first row shade Devotion, when I feel like adding some golden shine. And from bottom row I often just put Tranquil all over my lid and some mascara, it just looks great on it's own.

So to wrap it all up - if you don't already have a ton of natural eyeshadow colour, or if you are looking for the ultimate eyeshadow palette that has it all, from a highlighter matte colour to black - this is it! For this price you really can't get a better quality eyeshadow palette. Of course this one is a dupe for Urban Decay number II, and that one is supposed to be fantastic ( I don't have it, so I can't really compare), but for every day use I think this is a better choice. The shades are great, also intense, and dark. You can create various looks with it, also some darker for evenings out. Also, when you have little time and just want to put on something that will make you look good but without looking like you were standing in the bathroom for an hour doing your eye makeup - this is it! You can create subtle looks for everyday, for work, school, coffe with friends - in a really super quick time, because these eyeshadows are really easy to work with, very blendable, colours are very compatible. Also, almost forgot to mention, these swatches are without any base. On me I usually use my ArtDeco eyeshadow base and these last for at least half a working day without fading (I have greasy eyelids). They don't crease at all, so the look you will create will stay with you at least half a day. For those who don't have greasy eyelids it will probably stay even longer. All in all, this is a big plus for me, I really love it! It's totally worth the hype!

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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