Friday, March 29, 2013

Preview: Alverde - Fairy magic LE (Feenzauber LE)

Hello! Another quick post, this time it's a preview for Alverde limited edition called Feenzauber - or how my google translator puts it - Fairy Magic :))

This collection will be available from April to May 2013. :)

Baked eyeshadow: Spring colours, pastels and pretty light colours will dominate in this collection, starting with baked eyeshadows.  If these will be as good as the previus ones, we can expect very good pigmentation, easy application and blending, also can be applied with damped brushes. These will be available in four colours, 10 Wiesentau (sorry can not translate it yet, we will probably get these with english names on), 20 Tulips magnificence, 30 Light Dress, 40 Sea of flowers. Number  40 is not vegan, but the rest are :)

Body&Face powder: Next product can be used on body and face, so it make sit a lot more interesting to me :) It's not just the usual blush or highlighter, which is a nice change of product offered in limited edition. The marbled compact powder with subtle sheen makes for bright accents and a fresh, well-proportioned appearance of the skin. Available in 10 Supernova Big bang, is vegan :)


Lipgloss:  The delicate lip glosses leave your lips shine in a fantastic shine and set in the beautiful fairy color accents. In addition to the soft color output spoil the lip glosses lips with moisturizing aloe vera. Available in 10 Star kiss, 20 Dream sound, 30 Traumwolke. Only numer 10 is vegan.

Lipsticks: The supple texture nourishes the lips intensely. The magical colors transform your lips into a real eye-catcher. :) Available in shades 10 Rose poem, 20 Elderberry sea (Holundermeer), 30 Maron sound (Maronenklang), 40 Spring Blossom. Unfortunately, none of these are vegan. :(

Liquid eyeliner: Available in two shades, with a thin applicator for perfect application. Shades 10 Light Erwind (Lichterwind) and 20 Flowers. Personally, I'm leaning towards the lighter shade, I think it would really make my eyes pop a bit more and also make them appear bigger :)

Highlighter stick: With the silky soft shimmering particles this stick makes your skin look fresh and radiant. The gentle formula contains nourishing jojoba oil. Work into your skin with your fingers. I'm sure this would also work on the rest of the body, not only around the eye area. :)

Eau de Toilette Sweet Harmony: The alverde EDT Sweet Harmony combines feminine allure with a fruity playfulness - an imaginative fragrance blend of mystery. Very sweet scent :) This is a vegan product :)

My opinion: I like they added baked eyeshadows, even thou the colours are to me too light and I probably would not use them. Body&Face powder looks promising, but I have to be careful not to buy too many of these shimmery products I'm never gonna empty... Also this one remainds me a lot of last years Nude&Flash LE, also because of the packaging of the lipsticks and lipglosses. Maybe I'll take one or two, I need some swatches first, they seem very similar to last years collection. And the white eyeliner, not something for everyday, but I already have looks in my mind where it would be very handy :)

Do you like this collection? Do you want to treat yourself with a little something? Also, do you have enough of these spring like pastel colours already??? I do, I mean they are cute and all, and fit some people very well.. but man, this is too much. Everyone is releasing the same, or identical pastel colours, every spring.. it gets kinda boring.. At least the textures get better every year :)

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

Love, UniqaPoly

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