Sunday, March 10, 2013

My makeup wishlist part 1 :)

Hello there!
I decided to make a post presenting a couple of products I have wished for a very long time. I mean wish list will never be complete, it will never stop, there will always be stuff that I will want to have and try.. But I will at least help myself  with this post which ones I really, really want to have and are worth buying :)

There will be some expensive products, but there will also be some pretty cheap ones, but I leave them on the wishing part because I already have quite a lot of makeup that I don't even get to use much.. Sometimes when I get to the store I'm like, this is a very user friendly price.. but I change my mind and I think to myself, I already have a ton of stuff at home I haven't even tested yet etc..

So I will start with the basics, for me that's lipstick XD

1.I always wished for this really fantastic lipstick, it's Clinique Black honey lipstick. This gorgeous lipstick looks really dark straight from the bullett, but in fact it's very light and sheer and can be built up, but it will never really be as dark as on the photos. It's one of those products that are like "your lips but better". I'm not sure if they even make this one still, but we can try ebay.
2. Second is a fantastic eyeshadow, a colour that I think would be great with the brown colour of my eyes. It's Lily Lolo Plumberry Hill mineral eyeshadow. Look at that shade, it makes me want to eat something sweet and fresh, maybe forest fruits icecream ?
3.On third place I would put Shu Uemura's Eyelash curler. You have all probably heard already of this product. Mostly I have seen it in Lisa Eldridge videos and I must say it does look like it makes a difference. Personally, I am still thinking if this is really worth all the fuss and the money. I mean, I have some no name curlers and they don't do much difference on me. My lashes are short and bone straight, the effect of curlers wears off less than 10 minutes after appling my mascara, and I usually do just one or two coats. I'm really sceptic if this one could maybe be better. Still I kinda want to try.

4. Forth would be Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation. I saw this product used many times in Lisa's videos, and her skin tone kinda resembles mine, so perhaps this would be something worth trying. Otherwise I have no wishes on the base and foundations list. Not because my skin would be perfect, it's far from that, but because I have already tried so many foundations, from L'Oreal to MaxFactor, Revlon, Manhattan, Maybelline, Alverde, cheaper versions like Essence, and it was always the same. It just never really works for me, and I'm sure that buying loads of expensive foundations won't make it any better. Still, I'm curious and I want to try at least.

5. Catrice recently changed the whole range of nail polishes and there are a couple of shades that I would really like to have! First one is Vino Tinto, than Hugo Moss and Rober's Red Ford. They are all gorgeous shades, plus they made an improvement in the texture and brush, so I'm really hoping these are gonna be great nail polishes-
6. Alverde is one of my favourite brands, I love their cosmetics, I love their make up, so of course there are always stuff from their range that will be on my wishlist. Currently, we are still waiting to get the new products here in Slovenia, but in Germany they already have them, so I was able to see some swatches and I kinda really want to try the new lip products :)
This is my list so far.. of course there are many more products that I currently wish for, but I decided these will have priority. If I get any of them you can be sure I will post about them and make review/swatch.

Thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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