Monday, March 11, 2013

Sneak peek: Catrice - Geometrix LE

 Catrice announced a new limited edition, named Geometrix. It will be available in April and May 2013.
Catrice team posted on Facebook:
"The Limited Edition “Geometrix” – extremely authentic in a geometric design: linear, architectural, straighforward. A graphical interaction of colourful surfaces. To this day, the geometric austerity of black grids against a white background with colourful squares offer inspiration for numerous designers. "

And here's the video!

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  1. Oilaa :) nominirala sem te za Liebster Award :)
    aja pa komaj čakam na tole kolekcijoo :)
    lp, Dee

    1. Jooj, najlepša hvala :) :D

      jaz tudi komaj čakam, tale rdečka na prvi sliki me tako matra ;)

      Lp :)


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