Friday, March 15, 2013

Preview: Catrice - Geometrix LE

 Hello! I already posted a sneak peak vidoe for this collection and finally I can also present all the products that will come in this collection :)

As already stated, this one will be available from April to May 2013 :)

Geometrix Eyeshadow palette: The palette offers 6 powder eyeshadows with a high pigmentation in an elaborate case a la Mondrian. From soft nude shades to classic primary and contrasting bright colors, this range is convincing all-round – whether used mono or combined. The duo-applicator is also included in the case and ensures correct application. Available in one combination, named Co1Mix.

Matt lip cream: The creamy lip-gloss texture with a matt finish is available in a classic red as well as an orange-red shade. These Matt Lip Creams have a moisturizing effect and leave your lips feeling as soft as velvet. Available in C01 Red and C02 Light Red.

Blush paper: Innovative and practical: Blush Paper. The delicate leaves give the facial contours and provide a fresh, natural complexion. Brushes and sponges are unnecessary. The high-quality printed cardboard fits perfectly into any handbag. A color for every skin tone. Available in  C01 Red.

Translucent mattifying powder: Make-up is in place and the masterpiece is complete. Use this pressed transparent powder to mattify your complexion and set your look. Suitable for every skin type, it offers a visible mattifying effect despite its transparency.

Kabuki brush: The Kabuki Brush with thick, soft bristles is particularly resistant, making it the ideal tool for applying loose or compact powder.  The handy size and elegant black design with graphical highlights turn this Kabuki Brush into an absolute must-have accessory.

The Giant Extreme Volume Waterproof mascara:  Thanks to its specially developed conic mega-brush shape, each individual lash is defined and brought into shape. The waterproof texture guarantees 24 hours of long-lasting sensational volume.

Ultimate Nail lacquer: Two primary colours plus two neon colours. The Ultimate Nail Lacquers stand out for their high coverage and sensational shine so turn your nails into an empty canvas for nail designs that are true works of art. Available in C01 Blue, C02 Red, C03 Orange and C04 Yellow.

Anything you like? I will definitely go check the eyeshadow palette because it simply attracts me so much, that touch of blue and yellow makes it something I don't quite have yet. Also the kabuki brush looks very promising and I hope the packaging in strong and will survive travelling in my bag, because than this brush will be prefect and I most definitely will buy it. Also translucent powder might be a really nice buy, especially if you don't have it yet or you are unsatisfied with the ones at home. Oh and matt lip creams, what gorgeous shades! I will probably take tham  both, because I can never say  NO to a true red lippie or orangy red lippie because they fit me and there's never enough to have just one shade of red in your makeup stash XD
Also, I'm interested in how these blush papers work, but I will probably not buy them, since I really don't use blush a lot, more highlighter than anything. Mascara looks promising because it has longer and shorter bristles and it's shaped quite well, so you can reach every eyelash. Still I prefer rubber brushes, with these ordinary bristles  I always get too much mascara on and than my eyelashes tend to clump together etc..Nail polishes are fun, very summer like, anyway to me these colours are not appealing, I prefer darker shades and this looks kinda a bit too neon to me.
All in all this looks like a really great limited edition, it has some really great products in it that are suitable for as many looks as you like, so very versatile products. I hope I get my hands on the full stand when it comes out, some of these are definitely coming with me!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Kabuki bo moj !!! :D
    pa paletka, pa mascara, pa blush papers o joj :D bo treba šparat :)
    luštn post, it made my day :)

  2. Hehe, se mi je kr zdelo da se bomo teple za tiste tri kabuki čopiče ki bodo stali na sojalu :) Hvala, me veseli :)
    Lp :)

  3. Let me know how is the kabuki brush, is it soft, your personal feeling about it, price? (of course, when it will be available at your place) ;)


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