Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Empties No.2

Hello! Here's another post about my used up products. I had like four more posts ready for you, but didn't have the time to post them. And than I had problems with my computer, which I have already told you about and all the photos are gone. So now we start again from zero. :)

This time I have used up four products. From left to right are:  Dr.Scheller pomegranate waschgel, Bourjois deodorant for sensitive skin, Balea dry shampoo and Alverde lip balm.

I've been repurchasing  this product for about one year and a half, in this time it also had a makeover in design, but I think the ingredients are all the same. I find this product really gentle, efficient, makes my skin really clean, does not incourage any pimples, redness, dry skin. But than this winter I had some problems with this product. After washing my face felt very tightened and dry, I have no idea why. So I used it up at the same time as my skin went crazy and I started using some really creamy, moisturizing face cream before going to bed and it got better. So I guess my skin got really dry, dehidrated and it decided to go really really dry for the first time in my life. Now that I got my skin back in order this product is also back on my "to buy" list :)

Here are also the ingredients :)

Next is this Bourjois deodorant. I really like the scent, it smells great. It's a spray, but it dries very quickly, it also lasted a long time. I used it daily, for two-three months. No skin irritations after shaving and using this, so far all of their deodorants worked well with my skin. Also, the most important, does not leave white marks! None at all, really a success for me, every other deodorant that makes the same promises did not really keep them. Will definitely repurchase!

Balea dry shampoo is a good product, but nothing above the average. My hair tends to get greasy really fast, I need to wash it every other day or something like that and this helps me too look a little bit better for a couple of hours, but no more. Also you need to be careful how much you spray on, you don't want your hair to look white! I have already repurchased it, but only because I didn't know what else to get, nothing convinced me so far. When I find a better one, I'll stop buying this one.

Alverde lip balm Calendula (marigold) is one of my all time favourites and I've repurchased this many times. It's rather greasy on the lips, so if you don't like that feeling on your lips this will not be great for you. But the effects of this product on my lips are very good! A lip balm that actually helps me keep my lips  smooth, hydrated, not chapped and dry and hurting. Also helps to heal faster than any other lip product I currently own. Also, has a scent, it does not bother me, I like marigold, I use it on daily basis, but it might not be for everyone. In that case you can choose the other Alverde lip balm, scented with vanilla and mandarines. I love both of these and they are never off the list of things to buy :)

All products can be bought in DM stores, that's where I got them. Balea  and Alverde are dm brands, you can see the little signs on the products. :)

These four have been my constants for this winter, all in all I am very satisfied with my buys and even more - I got to finish them. More products awaits :D

Thanks for reading! :)

Love, UniqaPoly


  1. Kar se suhega šampona tiče, meni je super od Lee Stafforda, pa še diši lepo :) Bourjois deo imam pa tudi jaz in je res dober, še bolj so mi všeč njihovi geli za tuširanje :)

    Lovely Little Lux-uries

    1. Hej! Kje se ga pa da kupit? :) Trenutno uporamljam še en Bourjois deo, tak vijoličen, diši božansko :D Gele za tuširanje pa še nisem probala, bom pa kmalu :)

      Lepo bodi! :)

  2. Tudi jaz imam suhi šampon od Lee Stafforda v živo roza steklenički, imajo jih pa v Dm-u in Millerju. Je fajn ker ga lahko dobiš v beli, rjavi in črni različici, samo meni se je zdel malo drag (mislim da je bil malo več kot 8EVR) porabila sem ga pa zelo hitro


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