Monday, March 25, 2013

Review and swatches: Oz the great and powerful nail crackle - Good Witch

Hello there! Today's post will be super short and I'll be presenting my manicure I wore last week :)  I tried my first crackle nail polish. Yes, I know, I'm soo after time and  I try products so much later than they come out! I was never sure, if I'm actually gonna wear this outside, I liked it on other people, but since I really suck at nail polish application... well you never know, I guess. I got this super great golden shade from Essence limited edition, Oz the Great and Powerful, you can see my preview here :)

I used Deborah nail polish  Sense Tech 100% Mat  in 01 and Essence nail polsih in 03 Good Witch. First I applied one coat of Deborah nail polish. It was enough to apply only one coat, it is very well pigmented and it went matte instantly, during drying on my nails. You can watch the change, but it happens really fast. I love this nail polish since I got it and I am thinking of getting another shade. I was very lucky, because this one was given to me by a very nice girl from the slovenian beauty forum I visit daily. Unfortunately this shade is not available in stores anymore, I was looking for it for a very long time, and it wasn't available in any shop I went to. :( I hope I don't run out of it soon :) Only thing  I kinda don't like, Deborah also doesn't give names to their products, they give numbers...

Than on top I used Good Witch. I played a bit, I added it just on the side, leaving half of my  nail matte black.. than just on the tips of my nails.. but that made my short nails look even shorter. So finally, I didn't like any of these two and decided to paint it all over my nails. So basically, I used two coats of Good Witch polish. I didn't use any top coat or base coat, since this was just a testing look. The same day I painted it on it started to crumble off at the tips of my nails and than very fast on.. Even this top coat looked sort of shimmery but matte, so I didn't want to put over my  Depend top coat , because  it would probably make it look too glossy..

So enjoy some more photos and sorry for the bad application, as I said this was just a test to see how it would look. :)

Also on daylight it looked more silvery, and I got comments from girls asking me if this is a shatter nail lacquer by OPI :) So I guess this looks better and more expensive than it really was! XD

Also, I'm gonna buy some Depend crackle nail polishes soon, I am looking at red and black one and possibly one more, so keep in touch, new nail polish related posts  are yet to come :)

Take care and thanks for reading!

Love, UniqaPoly

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